Hi and welcome to the Humanities Department page! 

My name is Mary-Anne Searle-Tebbit and I am the Acting Head of Department for Humanities at Centenary Heights State High School. I love our school because we are lucky enough to have fantastic students and a committed and highly capable staff.  

I believe Humanities are critical in any young persons’ education because they ensure that students have a well-rounded and informed view of the world around them. 

In the Humanities Department we are dedicated to providing students with access to high quality learning activities and assessment that will engage and stimulate.  

The Australian History and Geography Curriculums are fully embedded within our Years 7-10 curriculum and teachers are utilising both school based units & resources as well as Education Queensland’s C2C materials. In 2020 we continue the implementation of the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance (SATE) system with our Year 11 and 12 students.   

If you have any queries or questions in regard to our Department please feel free to contact me.  

This webpage contains detailed information about our programs and assessment which I hope you will find informative and interesting.

Humanities Programs


Year 7

The Year 7 Humanities program begins with two History units. Students acquire the skills and knowledge to study the discipline of History via a unit titled 'Investigating the Ancient Past'. Over the remainder of the semester, students then undertake two distinct investigations of ancient civilizations - Egypt and China.

In second semester, students study Geography . Water and the World examines issues such as access to water and the sustainable use of this precious resource, while Place and Liveability examines the significance of geographic areas to people and communities, according to a number of criteria.  

Students will also study Civics at the end of semester one, with a unit entitled "Australia's legal and political systems in a diverse society". At the end of semester two,  students will then undertake an Economics and Business unit "Individual and business success in the market".

Year 8

The Year 8 Humanities program is divided between the new National Curriculum units for History & Geography.

The History units begin with the end of the ancient era and progress on to the modern period: 650AD – 1750. Specifically, students will study the Medieval period before focussing on the Black Plague. Students will then move on to Japan during the Shogunate period.

The Geography units are Landforms and Landscapes and Changing Nations. In the first of these two units students study the different types of landscapes on Earth, including mountains, coastal areas and riverine landscapes. Within these landscapes are landforms such as hills, caves and valleys.

The second Geography unit 'Changing Nations' looks at the growth of cities and the pressure this places on the environment, which in turn requires investment in infrastructure such as housing, road, schools and other services.

Students will also study Civics at the end of semester one, with a unit entitled "Influences that shape citizenship in a diverse society". At the end of semester two, students will then undertake an Economics and Business unit " Business opportunities in the Australian market".

Year 9  

The Humanities Program in Year 9 is also based on the National Curriculum for both History and Geography. The History units are Progressive Ideas & Movements (Capitalism & Communism), Japan and the Meiji Restoration 1750 – 1918 and World War 1.

Geography can be chosen as an elective in Semester One and  students will undertake a study of Biomes in Term 1 and Food Security in Term 2.

In both year levels students are focussed on the practical applications of Humanities in their own world and the development of specific knowledge and skills.

Year 10 Tasters

The Humanities Department offers 'core' Humanities in Year 10 for the first half of the year. This subject allows students to sample all Humanities disciplines. In the second half of the year, students will be given the opportunity to select a senior 'taster' in Humanities- History (Ancient & Modern), Geography, Legal Studies or Social and Community Studies.

Year 11 and 12 

Modern History aims to provide students with a clear knowledge of the modern world and its historical origins. Through this they will then be able to hypothesise solutions to existing world dilemmas. Combined with this students will be given the skills to critically assess information and make decisions. 

Geography provides students with a better understanding of the earth's surface as the space in which people live. It also gives students an understanding of the relationship between people and the environment. Through this study, students will appreciate the impact human activities have on the environment. 

Legal Studies is designed to give students background knowledge of the workings of law in our society. As a subject it helps to develop key investigative, written and analytical skills that are crucial to both further tertiary study and employment. 

Ancient History delves into the ancient historical roots of our world and offers students critical skills in the area of analytical thinking and decision making. Apart from this, students will examine many fascinating aspects of various civilisations. 

Social and Community Studies establishes a basis for further education and employment, as it helps students develop the personal, interpersonal and citizenship skills and attributes necessary in all workplaces. It allows them to manage change and to cope with everyday life and future studies or employment.

Faculty Directory   

Sam Baker 9 Humanities
Tori Barton7, 10 Humanities, 11, 12 Legal Studies
Melinda Burton 7 Humanities, 11 Ancient History
Sally Codyre 7 Humanities
Anna Donald 8, 10 Humanities, 11 Social & Community Studies
Bonnie Gardner7 Humanities
Elli Hanna 8 Humanities, 12 Ancient History
Erin Mallet 7, 10 Humanities
Adam Marshall 7 Humanities, 11 Geography, 11 Social & Community Studies
Hannah McKeon7, 8 & 9 Humanities
Travis McMicking 9 Humanities
Libby Nairn 8 Humanities
Lisa Napier 8 Humanities
Courtney Nutter 7, 8, 9, & 10 Humanities
Kirrily Scarff10 Humanities
Mary-Anne Searle-Tebbit 12 Modern History
Jo Slatter 9 & 10 Humanities
Kellie Sloss 8 Humanities
Renae Stanley 7 & 8  Humanities
Tiffany Story 7, 9 Humanities
Sarah Sykes8 Humanities
Meg Ting 11 & 12 Legal Studies
David Trueman 8, 10 Humanities, 11 Social & Community Studies
Adam Watts 7, 10 Humanities, 12 Social & Community Studies
Naomi Zietsch

8 Humanities

Jess Zylstra11 Modern History


Last reviewed 10 August 2020
Last updated 10 August 2020