Quick guide to the enrolment procedure

  1. Determine whether you are within the catchment area and then follow the steps below
  2. Step 1:  Expression of Interest for Enrolment form to be collected and submitted in person from the Administration office
  3. Upon receipt of email notification, and if indicated in this email, you may proceed to Step 2:  Enrolment Application Form - also to be collected in person from the Administration office
  4. Return completed Enrolment Application Form together with all required ORIGINAL documents in person to the Administration office. Upon verification of the enrolment form and all supporting documents you may proceed to Step 3: Enrolment Interview
  5. Step 3: Enrolment Interview is the final stage of the process where enrolment may or may not be accepted
For all enrolment inquiries please contact us at        

Within the catchment area

All parents/carers who reside within the local catchment area are eligible to enrol their child/ren in the educational program offered by Centenary Heights State High School. The Principal will hold places for parents/carers who relocate their family within the catchment boundary throughout the school year.

Parents/carers who wish to enrol their child/ren at Centenary Heights State High School under the Enrolment management plan  are required to demonstrate that the child/ren to be enrolled reside within the catchment area. One or more of the following documentation will be required by the Principal:

  • Signed unconditional house contract
  • Rental lease stamped and signed by a real estate agency for a substantial period, which complies with residency criteria

  • Current rates notice

 and all of the following, showing the same address:

  • Original RTA bond receipt
  • Current electricity notice
  • Current house insurance/car insurance statement
  • Current statement for telephone/internet connection
  • Driver's licence

Please view the Centenary Heights State High School catchment area map on the Education Queensland website to check if you live within the catchment boundary.

Outside the catchment area

Parents/carers who wish to enrol their child/ren at Centenary Heights State High School as a 'sibling' are required to demonstrate that the child/ren to be enrolled resides at the same address and has a common parent record.

Enrolment of students from outside the local catchment area will be managed to ensure that the total current and forecast enrolments do not exceed the school’s infrastructure and where applicable will ensure there is an even spread of students across year levels or class groupings.

Download and complete the Out of Catchment Expression of Interest and Application Form (PDF, 607 KB) if you reside outside the catchment area and you wish to enrol your child/ren at Centenary Heights State High School. Attach a cover letter stating your reasons for seeking enrolment and your child's most recent Report Card and last NAPLAN report and forward to the Principal for assessment.

To find the nearest school to your address please view this secondary catchment map.

Special Education Program enrolments

Given the size of our Special Education Program, students with disabilities are included in Enrolment management plan.

International Student Program enrolments

To participate in Education Queensland International (EQI) Programs for international students, interested students must first make contact with EQI.

Acceptance and notification processes

Applications for admission into Years 7  to 12 will be accepted in 2021 from Monday 2 August for enrolment to commence from the beginning of Term 1 2022.

Applications will be recorded in order of receipt.

Applications will remain current only for the year of submission.

Last reviewed 22 February 2021
Last updated 22 February 2021