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Centenary Heights State High School is a Band 11 Secondary School located in the Toowoomba District and serves principally the urban community of South-East Toowoomba. The school was opened in 1968 and is one of several state and private high schools which service Toowoomba and the surrounding districts. The school occupies a site of approximately 16 hectares in a residential area adjacent to the Southtown Shopping Centre.


The school's mission is to provide a caring and supportive environment with learning experiences which motivate students to progress towards their full capacity as people and as learners.


Enrolments are in the area of 1600 students across years 7 - 12. Our school is subject to an Enrolment Management Plan. Approximately 43% of students come from our traditional state primary partner schools, while 32% come from other schools in and near Toowoomba and 25% from overseas, interstate or intrastate.

The school enjoys a socially and culturally diverse student population representative of 43 different nationalities and 60 spoken languages. Approximately 5% of our total school population is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.

A tradition of hosting significant numbers of International Exchange students continues. Our school is a preferred learning organisation for the increasing Sudanese population within the wider Toowoomba community. Our school highly values this cultural diversity.

The Toowoomba Flexi School is officially an annexe of Centenary Heights State High School. 65 students between the ages of 15-17 are enrolled. The campus is staffed with 4 accredited teachers, 4 teacher aides, a part time School Health Nurse, Social Worker, Wellbeing Worker, Guidance Officer, an Industry Liaison Officer and Administrative staff. It caters to young people who have been otherwise disengaged from mainstream schooling. The success rate of these young people achieving a Qld Certificate of Education (QCE), vocational Certificates and school-based traineeships is very high as is their movement on to tertiary study or fulltime employment.

Approximately 17% of the school population require and receive additional educational support through our Learning Facilitation Centre. In 2019, we have 129 students enrolled in our Special Education Program - an outstanding program catering to the needs of students with a physical or sensory impairment or an intellectual disability. English is a second language for 14% of students.

Student attendance rates are high, consistently averaging 92% and above. Our school has an outstanding academic record. Students perform consistently to or above the State Mean in the Queensland Core Skills Test (QCS) and NAPLAN tests.

Of the students eligible for an Overall Position (OP) in 2018, 86% gained an OP in the 1 to 15 range positioning them very well for a variety of tertiary options. Of the students who applied through Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC), for places at Tertiary Institutions in Queensland, 95.5% received a QTAC offer.

At the end of 2018, 64 Year 12 students had finished their school based apprenticeship and traineeship (SAT) programs and 31 Year 11 students were actively involved in the programs. There were also 23 Year 10 students involved as SATs.

Last reviewed 07 February 2020
Last updated 07 February 2020