Student Leadership 2021

Evie Morris-Newell
School Captain

I am extremely honoured and thankful to have been selected to be a 2021 School Captain. Along with my fellow captains, Jack Bunter, Elliott Pflaum and Kate McGilvray, I am beyond excited to represent our incredible school, and uphold the high standards rightfully expected of Centenary Heights by students, parents, teachers, and community members.

In my position, it is my intention to ensure students feel encouraged and supported in their schooling journey to reach their highest potential, while continuing to make Centenary Heights a welcoming environment of Safety, Respect and Learning. 

I am looking forward to building on the dedicated work of our 2020 captains in the wider community, advocating for important social justice issues like domestic and family violence, something our school takes extremely seriously. The opportunity to represent our school in this manner is not something I take lightly, and I look forward with great anticipation to see what the year 2021 will hold.

Jack Bunter
School Captain

It is an incredible privilege to be able to represent Centenary Heights as the School Captain this year. I will endeavour to promote involvement and inclusion within the school community through my own actions and will strive to uphold our core values of Safety, Respect, and Learning. 

I believe that as a leader, it is vital for us to bring out the best in those around us and I am keen to work hard so that we can all enjoy a year of success. I am grateful that I can revel in the vibrancy and diversity of Centenary each day and I want to ensure that everyone can enjoy the same security, respect and support that has enabled me to become School Captain. 

Through the rich connections I have made with students, staff and community members I hope to carry on the legacy that Centenary Heights has built over the last 50 years and continues to build with every student that walks through our gates. 2021 holds many opportunities and as the School Captain I am incredibly excited to see our school thrive.

Kate McGilvray
School Vice-Captain

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to serve and represent a school as great as ours as one of the 2021 School Vice-Captains. I have been inspired by the multitude of exceptional captains that have served before me and will strive to inspire all students the way they inspired me. 

Through participation in existing traditions and creation of new traditions, I will strive to demonstrate to all students and members of the wider community that we have every reason to be immensely proud of this school and feel as though we belong to something truly special.

I intend to make sure every student knows that they are accepted and valued in our school and make them fully aware that they can always find a friend and advocate in my fellow captains and me. I vow to lead by example, putting my best foot forward into 2021 and encouraging my fellow peers to do the same, so that together we can make 2021 a year to remember.

Elliott Pflaum
School Vice-Captain

I am incredibly honoured and very thankful to be given this opportunity to serve the school and the wider community. I am excited to have this position, to be a positive role model to all within the school and to represent the school well in our community.

In this position I hope to help all those within the school, from helping year 7 students with their transition to high school right through to helping my fellow year 12's have an amazing last year. I hope through my participation in a number of school activities this will position me well to help exhibit what it is we are proud of at this school.

I look forward to working alongside my fellow captains to continue and expand the initiatives created by past school captains. I am also excited to work alongside my fellow 2021 student leaders to help develop a positive environment for our school.

Last reviewed 22 January 2021
Last updated 22 January 2021