Resource scheme


Student resource scheme

The school operates a Student Resource Scheme (SRS) which provides students with all the essential textbooks, prepared documents and materials to facilitate their effective learning.

The scheme ensures that students have consistent resources for their education, and saves parents time and money in sourcing the prescribed materials elsewhere. Savings are gained through the school’s bulk purchasing practices and hiring arrangements. The scheme is not used to raise funds for other purposes, and revenue collected through the scheme is applied only to the resources and operation of the scheme.

SRS Participation

The objective of the scheme is to provide a convenient and cost-effective way for students to access the educational resources necessary to enhance their learning experience at school. The Department encourages parents to participate in the scheme. Participation in the SRS is optional, and no obligation is placed on a parent to participate.

New Students

Parents are required to complete and return the SRS Participation Agreement Form when joining the scheme for the first time. If the parent chooses to opt out of the SRS the parent is then required to provide the educational resources listed in the SRS for their child within two weeks of notifying the school of their decision. A parent can opt in or out of the scheme in subsequent years by completing another Participation Agreement Form.

Continuing Students

A parent’s participation or non-participation in the scheme will continue as per their previously completed Participation Agreement Form. A parent can opt in or out of the scheme in subsequent years by completing another Participation Agreement Form.

If a parent has opted out of the scheme the parent is required to provide the educational resources listed in the SRS for their child by the start of the school year.

Resource Inclusions

A detailed list of all resources included in the SRS for each Year Level can be found on the Subject Requirements page. This is a comprehensive list of all resources included in the scheme and their associated costs.

Type of Resources provided

Generally, the three types of resources that could be included are:

  • Owned – these items are retained by the student and used as required (e.g. stationery, exercise books, student diary).
  • Used – these items are used/consumed in class by the student (e.g. industry technology/cooking/art supplies).
  • Hired – these items are hired to the student for their personal use for a specific period of time (e.g. textbooks).
    • Hired items must be returned to the school in good condition at the end of the hire period or if the student leaves the school.
    • A repair or replacement cost may be charged to the parent for any hired items that are damaged or not returned.

Payment Dates

SRS will be invoiced in February and must be paid before the 30 June each year. All subject fees are invoiced early Term 1 once classes have been finalised.  Accounts receivable can receipt fees if parents wish to pay in advance and have a credit for fees on their account. Once invoices are raised the credit will be off-set against these fees.  

Payment Arrangement

Several payment options including a single payment for the full year’s fee or term instalments are available. An instalment plan can also be negotiated with the school.

Any unpaid invoices, will be managed according to the department’s Debt Management Procedure and may result in the student being excluded from the scheme and/or from participating in non-curricular activities until payment is made (

Payment Method

SRS payments can be made by QParents/BPOINT, BPAY, EFTPOS (Credit/Debit Card), Cheque, Cash, Centrepay.

Payment may be made through the QParents portal using a credit card. Payment will be directed from the QParents portal to BPOINT where relevant outstanding invoice information may be selected.

When paying by BPOINT, please use the Customer Reference Number (CRN) and invoice number printed on the invoice received from the school. If unsure of the CRN, please contact the school.

Centrepay Deductions are available to pay the SRS fees. Centrepay is an easy payment option available to Centrelink customers. Centrepay deductions can be arranged through the school’s Textbook Office.

Financial Hardship

Parents experiencing financial hardship who are currently participating or wish to participate in the SRS should contact the school to discuss available options in confidence.

Contact Us

For all queries regarding the SRS and its inclusions, please contact and arrange an appointment with our Business Managers Petrina Pearce or Angela Brock on 4636 7500.

Last reviewed 03 February 2021
Last updated 03 February 2021