Community and school club leaders


Ria Biscocho

Student Council President

The most important lesson that I have learned at Centenary Heights is that ‘Per Adua Ad Alta’ is not merely a school motto but is a way of living. 2019 started with a goal; to make the Student Council’s presence known. With genuine gratitude for being elected as the Student Council President of 2020, it is my aim to continue growing the seed of good work planted by my predecessors. I believe that the unique and diverse student body of Centenary Heights is overflowing with students in need of encouragement to strive for their full potential. This is why I hope to effectively ensure that the ideas and concerns of our student body are not only heard but are attended to, inspiring them to live by the standards that is uniquely Centenary Heights State High School.  

Lily Pederick

Student Council Vice-President

To be given the opportunity to serve and represent Centenary Heights State High School is a genuinely humbling experience. As the Student Council Vice-President of 2020, I aim to uphold our school standards and persevere to ensure I give every task my best effort. The Student Council of 2020 aspires to uphold the positive spirit brought to the school community by previous leaders whilst aiding others in the determined effort to make Centenary Heights State High School the place to be. I look forward to a year that sees us connect as a team and interact with everyone within our school community!

Ashdyn Lance
Student Council Secretary

In my time at Centenary, I have grown to admire the legacy left behind by our exceptional leadership teams. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of a new legacy as Student Council Secretary for 2020 and work alongside our incredible Student Council members. I am enthused to be a part of the vital discussions this team is involved in which help shape our school community and supports all students. I hope that in these forums, I can specifically represent the ideas voiced by our student population and assist my Student Council President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Year Level Representatives. I believe that nothing is more empowering than students working together to inspire the change we strive to achieve, and I know through this passion, we can further open conversations between our peers and build on our already diverse school culture in 2020. Here’s to a new year full of wonderful possibilities! 

Evie Morris-Newell
Student Council Treasurer

I am so humbled and excited to have been chosen by my teachers and peers as the Student Council Treasurer for 2020. I see this new year as an opportunity for me to push myself to new heights and fully exemplify the school motto, 'Through hard work to the top'. I truly believe 2020 will be a great year for the school, and I am so excited to join with my fellow Student Council executives, Student Council representatives and Student Leadership group to bring the school to new (Centenary) heights!



Hayleigh Roberts
Performing Arts Captain

To be given the opportunity to represent the Performing Arts and all of its wonders is an absolute honour and I cannot express how excited I am to be a part of all that's in store for this department during 2020. I am most excited to work alongside my fellow leaders in making 2020 a brilliant year for the entire Centenary population, particularly, of course, the beloved area of Performing Arts. I am delighted to be given this role but remain humble enough to not take it lightly. I thank all those who believe in and trust me enough to place this responsibility in the hands of myself and my Co-Captain and I know that we will both endeavour to continue to impress. Here's to 2020 and all that follows.

Elliott Pflaum
Performing Arts Co-Captain

It is an absolute honour and privilege to be nominated for the role of Co-Captain for the Performing Arts. I hope to be a respectful and hardworking role model to all in the performing arts and will try to support the younger students throughout the year, especially those in year 7. I have previously, and will continue to be as involved in the performing arts subjects and extra-curricular activities as much as possible and will strive to lead my peers in these activities. I also seek to be an active member of the Student Leadership Council and to well represent the performing art department. I really appreciate this opportunity and I will endeavour to fulfil this role to the best of my ability.

Dakota Anderson
Indigenous Captain  

As a Leader I would like to be able to show our Indigenous culture to not only Indigenous students but to all our students, to widen their learning by implementing improved communication and providing more background information about traditional music and dances. These are all things we could teach Centenary’s students, and as a Leader, I don’t want to just influence Centenary but to be able to talk to our wider community about Indigenous culture. We can take on these challenges for our future Leaders as well as Indigenous Leaders.


Bellah Bennett-Payne
Indigenous Vice-Captain

To be able to have been given the opportunity to receive the position of the 2020 Indigenous Vice-Captain has been an honour. I am so appreciative that I get to work alongside the 2020 Indigenous Captain, Dakota Anderson, and as a team, we will work to overcome challenges and strengthen our leadership qualities through maintaining Centenary Heights State High School values while being role models for our Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. I will hold my position with pride, honour and respect, and aim to share my culture with my fellow peers. I will strive to represent Centenary positively by participating, organising, acknowledging and welcoming through every experience I face in 2020. I am so excited to see what 2020 holds for our community and I will work hard to honour the opportunity I have received to be the Indigenous Vice-Captain.

Maria Mbaindene

Cross Cultural Captain 



Naz Gul Nazari

Cross Cultural Captain 

I am privileged, grateful, blessed and happy to have been elected as one of the Cross Cultural Captains for 2020. How lucky I am to be a part of this amazing, diverse school community with over 60 languages spoken in our school. I, who have come from an Afghani and Pakistani background, can get to know more about other cultures and interact with them in our school. Some of these cultures include Chinese, African, Japanese, Singaporean and Australian just to name a few. Our school has a rich and diverse student population and I would love to work towards making it a shining example of integration in the community, where everyone makes an effort to get to know someone from a different country and different culture to themselves. I want to thank Centenary for this brilliant opportunity that I have been given as a Cross Cultural Captain. 

Last reviewed 03 March 2020
Last updated 03 March 2020