Junior Secondary and Languages


Welcome to the Junior Secondary and Language Faculties.

The term ‘Junior Secondary' refers to formal education that is both responsive and appropriate to the developmental needs of young adolescents. Generally speaking, this particular type of education at Centenary Heights State High School is based on the development of strong and productive relationships.

The staff of CHSHS believe that the important goals of Junior Secondary are:

· engaged, focused and achieving adolescents;

· effective curriculum, teaching and organisational practices; and

· genuine partnerships and long term support with a focus on developing positive working relationships.

Our school's commitment to Safety, Respect and Learning underpins everything we strive to achieve within the Junior Secondary Environment.
What elements would you expect to find in Junior Schooling at CHSHS?

1. Students engaged in higher order and critical thinking, problem-solving and life-long learning.

2. Students managing their own learning through a curriculum that values their past experiences, and is connected to the real world and possible futures.

3. Connected curriculum and assessment opportunities that are authentic and reflective.

4. Success for every student.

5. Co-operative learning and collaborative teaching.

6. Heterogenous and flexible student groupings.

7. Emphasis on strong teacher-student and student-student relationships through extended contact with a small number of teachers and a consistent student cohort.

8. Parental and community involvement in student learning.


At Centenary Heights we are fortunate enough to offer two languages other than English - Mandarin Chinese and German. Students in Years 7 and 8 study a semester of each language and can elect to continue their study in one, or both languages right through to the completion of Year 12.

Teaching Staff - Languages

Mr Tim O'Connell Head of Department
Miss Coco Bu Language (Chinese)
Mrs Kirrily Scarff Language (Chinese)
Mrs Bianca Prestipino Language (German)
Miss Jess Zylstra Language (German)

Year 7 Transition Team 2020

Heads of Year:  Tim O'Connell, Tiffany Story and Trent O'Brien

Assistant Head of Year: Stephanie Waite

Class Teacher
7A Claire Thicthener PCG, English, Dance
Georgina Rackemann Science, HPE
7B Meg Ting PCG, Math, Science
Louise Willson English, Drama/Media
7C Caitlin Berghofer PCG, Math, Science
Tiffany Story English, HASS
Kathryn GortonMath
7D Louise O'Mara PCG, English
Bron Blinco Math, Science
Adam MarshallHASS, HPE
7E Melinda Burton PCG, English, HASS
Eve Murphy Math, Dance
7F Luke Halley PCG, Math, HPE
Louise O'Mara English, Drama/Media
7G Tori Barton PCG, English, HASS
Katie Hobbs Math, Science
7H Hannah Maughan PCG, English, Digital Technology
Tim O'Connell Math, HPE
7I Renae Stanley PCG, English, HASS
Matt Russell Math, Dig. Tech
7J Letitia Lynam PCG, Math, Science
Sally Codyre English, HASS
7KAdam WattsPCG, English, HASS
Stephanie WaiteMath, Science
7M Sandie Black PCG, English, Drama/Media
Trent O'Brien Science, HPE

Year 8 Junior Secondary Team 2020

Admin Head: Deputy Principal Michael Floyd
Heads of Year: Sandra Hearnden, Matthew Russell and Rebecca Hefron
Assistant Head of Year: Jesse Osborn
Class Teacher
8A Kellie Sloss PCG, HASS, English
Dan Machulka Math, Science
8B Dave Natalier PCG, Math, HPE
Naomi Zietsch English, HASS
8C Dave Trueman PCG, English, HASS
Melissa Schmocker Math, Science
8D Bron Blinco PCG, Math, Science
Libby Nairn English, HASS
8E Kerryn Asmus PCG, Math, Science
Hannah McKeon English, HASS
8F Carley Szerstuk PCG, Math, Science
Sarah Sykes English, HASS
8G Elli Hanna PCG, English, HASS
Karen Vorpagel Math, HPE
8H Jess Smith PCG, Math, HPE, Food & Design
Anna Donald English, HASS
8I Sam Baker PCG, English, HASS
Chris Cuthill Math, Science
8J Drew Copeland PCG, Science, Ag Science
Matt Russell Math
Lisa NapierEnglish, HASS
8M Christy Parker PCG, English, Music,
Jesse Osborn
Math, Science

Last reviewed 10 August 2020
Last updated 10 August 2020