School Chaplain


The Chaplain works with the Guidance Officer, the School Nurse, Youth workers and other school staff to provide pastoral care and social support to our students. The Chaplain is here to help and care for the students and school community by being the listener, the supporter and the encourager. 

The school chaplain is available at the main Centenary Heights State High School campus on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (At the Flexi School, our chaplain is available on Monday). Students, parents and carers are welcome to make an appointment with the chaplain. Concerns and issues students discuss are often about relationships at home, peer relationships, school, feeling sad, stress, or other issues that teenagers face. Appointments may be made through the school office.
Some of the ways in which our Chaplain is engaged in the life of the school are through:
  • Breakfast Club: Every Wednesday and Thursday morning (8:00-8:30) students may receive a free nutritious breakfast to start their day (inside G block)
  • Pastoral Care
  • Strength Program Facilitator - this is a self-worth program run for young boys through three key concepts: significance, resilience, courage
  • Drumbeat Program Facilitator - this is a program focusing on social connection through teamwork and is proven to build resilience, showing measurable changes in behaviour. This is achieved using a combination of five core elements: core rhythm, core rhythm games, discussions, improvisation, and a performance
  • Get Real Program Facilitator - this is a program designed to enhance the resilience, self-esteem, understanding of personal values, goals and motivators, overcome stress and mental strains, and tools to help young people to thrive in life
  • Chappy Chats Facilitator - this is a space where students can lead encouraging discussions around school matters, including: time management, mental health, peer relationships, and social emotional issues
  • Lunchtime team-building activities (mainly with Year 7s)
  • SU Camps: There are a range of holiday camps available for students. The Chaplain will be involved in at least one of these per year
  • Other Camps: Year 7 Camp, Flexi School camps,  (bus driver) and other school excursions


Chaplaincy may be funded through a combination of a federal government grant (if applicable) and through donation; from local Churches, community organisations and individuals (as applicable). School funds provided by the Queensland government for educational purposes are not used to support chaplaincy services.
For the Chaplaincy position at Centenary Heights main campus no government funding is available and it relies solely on the generosity of community donors. If you wish to give to this valuable service please complete this form and send it to School. Your donation will be processed by Scripture Union.
You will find some valuable resources in Related Links if you require further information regarding any of the programs / support mentioned above.  



Last reviewed 21 February 2020
Last updated 21 February 2020