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Sports house captains

Liberty Owen

Curran Captain  

Being appointed Curran House Captain for 2019 is a great honour and I feel privileged for this opportunity. I am eager to make 2019 another great year and continue to encourage participation in sport throughout all year levels. This opportunity is very humbling, and I look forward to not only working with staff and students, but to be a part of such an amazing leadership team. In 2019, I hope to not only grow as a leader, but uphold the high standards of leadership Centenary Heights attains whilst promoting sport, and ensuring students enjoy themselves. Hopefully, with the student’s eager participation, 2019 will be a fantastic year.
Jaidyn Paroz
Curran Captain  
 As I have been successfully appointed to the role of Curran house Captain for 2019, I am thankful for the honour of representing the best sporting house at Centenary Heights. I wish to promote the values of teamwork, courage and sportsmanship within sports at Centenary. With this role I also would like to express my passion for sport and show commit throughout school events. In this position I would like to improve on my leadership skills and increase my confidence whilst being a good role model for younger students. I am very honoured to have obtained this role and I am looking forward to working with my fellow captains and staff to make 2019 the best year possible. GO CURRAN!!!
Naz Gul Nazari
Curran Vice-Captain
I am super excited to be Curran house Vice-Captain next year. I am determined to be a good role model for my fellows and younger students. I intend to lead by example and to support my peers, encouraging them to be more involved with sports and exercise, as it is the one of the main sources of physical well-being. I am looking forward with excitement to 2019 and working with Curran house’s Captains and my fellow Vice-Captain. Together, we will work to stay positive and enthusiastic and make our house win.

Elijah Mathewson
Curran Vice-Captain
It is an honour to be selected Sports Vice-Captain for 2019. In this role I aim to inspire and encourage not only members of the Curran house, but all of the school community, ensuring all strive to do their best. As a leader in this great school I will uphold its reputation to the community both on and off the sporting field, providing encouragement to all. I will endeavour to continue the great work of the previous Curran house captains and look forward to a great year of sport in 2019. GO CURRAN!!!

 Hannah Fraser 
Kenny Captain 
Being appointed Kenny House Captain is an honour and I look forward to leading the school in 2019. The opportunity to be apart of the Leadership team in 2019 is exciting and I can’t wait to work with everyone especially the other three captains for Kenny. My aim is to encourage as many students as I can to participate in all of the carnivals we have at Centenary Heights and to try and bring back house spirit. I will try my hardest and hopefully the spirit I hope to bring will encourage kids to participate in sports. I hope to lead Kenny to many wins throughout the year at the carnivals. I am looking forward to 2019 and taking on this role and working with everyone throughout the year. 2019 will be one to remember.

Rifat Islam
Kenny Captain 
It is an opportunity to become one of the Kenny Captain for 2019. In 2019, my aim is to encourage more students to participate in a range of house events for Centenary Heights’s swimming carnival, cross country and athletics carnival. As a captain, I will show my respect to everyone equally as well as showing good role model to the community and showing a good sportsmanship to our awesome school. Also, up hold the Centenary Heights values. I will try my best to lead my house to victory in swimming carnival, cross country and athletics carnival for 2019 and happy to promote team spirit inside our school. I am happy to be part of the student leadership team. I hope everyone will remarkably enjoy 2019. Can’t wait to work with other students, student leaders and teachers during 2019. All the best to mighty Kenny for 2019. GO KENNY!!!

Jack Horton

Kenny Captain 

I am honoured to be appointed the role of Kenny House Captain for 2019. I recognize this to be an incredible opportunity. Throughout the year, I aspire to promote participation and encouragement within student groups of all ages and sporting abilities. By demonstrating cooperation, commitment and communications, I hope to make a positive impact on the sporting scene within Centenary in 2019, to better the already incredible opportunities available. I will also strive to grow personally as a leader, developing my skills in leadership, encouragement and communication. I’m excited to face the challenges ahead and look forward to working with an amazing leadership team. I hope that 2019 will reap tremendous sporting growth, across all levels.


 Chelsea Golding
Kenny Vice-Captain 
It is an honour and privilege to be selected for the position of Kenny vice-captain 2019. I look forward to working with all students and encouraging them to all participate in our school sporting events so that they can have fun and stay active. I hope to build team spirit with my fellow Kenny members and to build strong relationships with them so I can be seen as someone that they can freely talk to when they need. My aim is to get as many people as possible involved in the various sports days our schools hosts and model good sportsmanship for the younger grades. I look forward to taking on this role and seeing what 2019 has in store. Go Kenny!
 Hayden Jago
Kenny Vice-Captain
It is a wonderful privilege and an honour to be a part of the student leadership team of 2019 and I would like to thank the school for providing such a fantastic opportunity. I will strive to encourage all students to participate and show strong sportsmanship and team spirit, but most importantly, to have fun. Further, I hope to promote greater participation in extra-curricular sports. I look forward to 2019 being an incredible year of sport alongside my fellow captains. Go Kenny!
                   Natasha Saal
                  Swartz Captain
It is a great honour to be selected as Swartz house captain in 2019. My overall goal for the year is to get more participates to sports carnival and getting more students outdoors. I can’t wait to begin working with the school and students building bonds with my peers to make Centenary Heights an even better school to attend than it already is. I want to encourage others to have a go even if they don’t succuss but to try, try again. Working with my fellow sports house captains to bring Swartz to be the winning house but also to just have a great year having a go. Uppa Swartz!!

 Adam Tasic
 Swartz Captain 
As one of the Swartz house captains for 2019 I aim to become a positive role model for younger students and provide support and encouragement for all. I will also spread house spirit and encourage participation amongst the Swartz house to ensure that no matter the outcome we all go home as winners. GO SWARTZ!

Laura Wilkie
Swartz Vice-Captain 
I am honoured to be elected as the 2019 school vice sports captain for Swartz. I will represent and honour the school values of being a good role model for the younger students and demonstrate the school motto Per Ardua Ad Alta. I will also represent the school values through safety, respect and learning.

Lachlan Sharpe
Swartz Vice-Captain
 I am honoured to be elected as the 2019 school vice sports captain for Swartz. I will represent and honour the school values by being a good role model for the younger students and demonstrate the school motto Per Ardua Ad Alta. I will also represent the school values through safety, respect and learning.
Tiana Amos
 Thompson Captain
I have been granted the privilege of being Thompson House Captain for 2019. Receiving this position is an enormous honour that I will hold high throughout the year of 2019 leading Thompson house from beginning to end through many victories. My goal is to have the students of CHSHS to participate, however big or small, in sporting events and ultimately having fun. My aim is to grow not only as a leader but as a person alongside the amazing leadership group of 2019. I have invested copious amounts of time contributing to the school and I am delighted to be given the opportunity to be a House Captain for 2019. I look forward to the year of 2019, I have a good feeling it will be the best one yet. Go Thompson!

Rohan Doherty
 Thompson Captain
As captain of Thompson house for 2019 I aim to encourage and promote participation in all events in whatever way I can to bring home the gold for Thompson house. I will devote my time and effort to see Thompson through the year 2019 and promote sportsmanship throughout Thompson house in all areas of sport from the land to the water. I will do everything in my power to help motivate students from all grades to chip in and give it a go and not to be afraid to try. Go Thompson!!!
 Anyia Birt 
 Thompson Vice-Captain 
Being granted the opportunity to be Thompson vice-captain in 2019 is a great pleasure. In my role, I aim to provide encouragement and develop positive relationships with teachers and students. I will continue to strive to uphold the values of Centenary Heights and encourage others to do the same, both on and off the sporting fields. I am looking forward to the year to come and alongside my fellow leaders of 2019 I wish a year of sportsmanship, laughter and a whole lot of fun. GO THOMPSON!!
Kasey Coop
Thompson Vice-Captain 
As Thompson Vice-captain for 2019 I am excited to take over the roles of our former Vice Captains and do my part in the job. I would like to help Thompson grow as a house by encouraging students to participate in school events. This is a great opportunity for me to grow not just as a leader but also as a person. My main goal for this year is to get Thompson to be one of the highest participating houses. This is also a great opportunity for students to get involved with new people. I know all together we can make 2019 a great year. GO THOMPSON!!!