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Community and school club leaders


Sewni Samarawickrama

Student Council President

To be chosen as the Student Council President for 2019 is a hugely humbling experience. As the newly appointed president, I intend to make the most of my position and be the voice of my year level. I will strive to respectfully and proudly represent my cohort and this school. With the combined effort of the Student Council, I will aim to make 2019 the best year yet. Like our school motto, through hard work to the top, I will put my 100% into everything I do. With my perseverance and determination, I will lead our Student Council. I look forward to working with the leadership team of 2019 to improve the already great reputation of Centenary Heights State High School.

Kyran Cook
Student Council Vice-President
As we enter another year at Centenary Heights, our Student Council will aim to have something that will be of a benefit to all our students. Previous Student Councils have endeavoured to ensure the year is filled with exciting activities whilst also improving our school for everyone. I am confident the incoming student council can continue with this great work and have a year that sees us all connect as a team and interact with everyone within our school community. It is with this in mind that I am pleased to accept the position of Student Council Vice-President for 2019.
Ria Biscocho
Student Council Secretary
To be given an opportunity to serve and represent Centenary Heights State High School is genuinely a humbling experience. As the Student Council Secretary of 2019, I hope to effectively ensure that the ideas and concerns of our student body is not only heard but is attended to. Importantly, I intend to encourage the unique and diverse community of our school to strive for their full potential, through hard work to the top. Living up to the culture that is of Centenary Heights’.

Hayleigh Roberts
Student Council Treasurer
If we’re being honest, I’m still expecting all of this to be some sort of dream or cruel joke and yet, here I am, writing this paragraph addressed to whoever has stumbled upon it. I’m thankful beyond words for the people who decided I met their ‘leadership criteria’ and I hope I am able to live up to their standards over the course of 2019. I’m excited to be able to represent, not only our school, but the students who make it the wonderful place it is. I wish to be able to work towards making our school and even more inclusive, respectful and accepting environment for all of the people who enter our gates. If we’re being honest, I don’t have some sort of detailed plan for what I want to achieve alongside the other elected leaders, I don’t think any of us do. What I can say, or write for now, is that I am here for you individually, I am here for us and I am here because I genuinely want to be. Let’s make 2019 an amazing year.



Juhee Kim
Performing Arts Captain 
Being elected as the Performing Arts Captain of 2019 is an absolute honour and I look forward to working with my fellow leaders. The Performing Arts department participates in a variety of activities showcasing an abundance of talent in diverse areas each year. Through the numerous performing activities we have such Centenary’s got talent and Eisteddfod, I look forward to seeing as many students participating and hope to see you giving it your best go. I seek to grow and improve the wider school community through increasing accessibility to more performing arts activities and providing more opportunities for the students and staff of Centenary Heights. I am so excited to see what we, as the leadership group and together as a cohort, can achieve for our school for an enjoyable 2019. For the best 2019 we can have. For the greatest year yet.


Kirralee Jeffery
Performing Arts Co-Captain

As Performing Arts Co-Captain for 2019 I am keen to get more students involved in our fantastic arts program. I would especially like to encourage more students to participate in Creative Generation State Schools on Stage. It’s a really great experience that I’d love to share. Centenary Heights is renowned for its Performing Arts program and I am very proud to be Co-Captain.


Krisharna Barrs
I​ndigenous Captain 

It is with great honour that I accept this role as the upcoming Centenary Heights Indigenous captain for 2019. I intend to use my power to continue on my legacy as 2018’s vice Indigenous captain and continue to express my unique culture. It is my ultimate goal to create a positive environment for my fellow leaders and peers in the hopes that I can educate them further on the history and knowledge that my culture holds. I look forward to expressing and accepting new excellent ideas that provide more recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within this school community. It will be a pleasure to see and encourage more participation from our CHSHS Indigenous community in our annual events such as NAIDOC week in order to positively spread the knowledge and beliefs that our elders hold. Alongside my fellow leaders, I will ensure our school community continues to thrive in 2019. I cannot wait for what this year holds

Leigh Melville
Indigenous Vice-Captain


It is an honour and a privilege to be selected as indigenous vice- captain for 2019. As being a student at Centenary for 4 years going on to my fifth year of high school, I look forward to share a lot more about our nationality of being a Aboriginal or a Torris Stait Islander student at centenary. I would like to share the knowledge I received from my elders and pass it on to younger generation and emerging students in this school. I want a voice for the younger indigenous student and would like to express new ideas.

Fatima Arabzadeh
Cross Cultural Captain 
I am grateful and blessed to be the Cross Cultural Captain of 2019. Centenary Heights is an outstanding school which recognises and values how culturally diverse our school community is. I am passionate and rather excited to be given the opportunity to work with the incredible student body and the school staff. With Raign Young and I as the 2019 Cross Cultural Captains, I feel there will be many new opportunities for the school community to celebrate the diversity in our school and the wider community.

Raign Young
Cross Cultural Captain 
I am truly honoured and grateful to be elected as a Centenary Heights State High School Cross Cultural Captain for 2019. I look forward to working with our community and expressing new ideas to further improve our school’s celebrated diversity we are well renowned for across the Darling Downs. I aspire to continue the positive influence and spirit brought to the school community by previous leaders. Alongside my fellow Cross Cultural Captain, Fatima Arabzadeh, students and staff, not to mention the brilliant 2019 student leadership group, I am ecstatic to make 2019 an outstanding and memorable year!