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Term 4 - week 4

Time really is flying now…. we've made it to week 4! Hopefully everyone is doing well, not long to go now.

For Year 12s, the end is now so close we can almost imagine ourselves as responsible adults. Almost. Exam block is just around the corner again, with a bit more nostalgia and less time to study this time around.

Amongst the many end of year activities at Centenary came perhaps the most significant formal event of the year – Awards Night. On Tuesday this week, hundreds of us met at HumeRidge for a massive commemoration of student achievements throughout 2019. As Captains, leading this night is an immense privilege for us all and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did. Congratulations to all students who were recognised on the night and thank you to our audience for your support and interest. Most importantly, thanks to all the teachers who make this night possible, it couldn't be done without your hard work.

Despite Mitch playing on the team, the Year 12s did in fact end up beating the teachers in the netball by a decent margin and are psyching up for their soccer game this Thursday. We wish them the best of luck in reminding the teachers their glory days are behind them, particularly after Mr Joseph's daily notices talking up the staff!

Kicked off by the School Captain announcements on Tuesday, many of the 2020 leaders will continue to be acknowledged in the coming weeks. We wish you all a rewarding experience and are always here if you need a bit of advice.

That's all for this week, we hope everyone continues to work hard to make sure this final term is a worthwhile one. Until our next update, take care of yourselves CHSHS.

Andrew Corbett - School Vice-Captain

Term 4 - week 3

What an exciting week at Centenary Heights.

The school social was a blast on Thursday night. Organised and run by our Year 11 students, the annual event draws big crowds for a fun filled evening of dancing and games. This year's theme of 'Glow in the Dark' was a huge hit! Well done to all those involved in the planning process. I'm sure all who attended had a fantastic night.

Friday this week was another extremely eventful day. Centenary's Bandanna Day fundraising culminated with the best possible result. Over the past few weeks, the Interact Club has been selling bandannas at the Textbook Office to raise money to assist teens affected by cancer through the CanTeen Foundation. The bandannas were sold out by the end of the fundraising period, meaning our school raised hundreds of dollars to help those in need. In the iconic words of Mrs Feldman, "if we all give a little, it will add up to a lot!"

Also on Friday night was our school's annual Performing Arts Showcase. The upgraded annual event was held in the new Caldwell Performing Arts Centre and for the first time, encompassed dance, both instrumental and classroom music, drama and film in the same evening. Instrumental music workshops were conducted with primary school students before the show – a wonderful addition to the night. Furthermore, all profits made at the canteen during the evening were contributed to Centenary's chaplaincy fund. With an almost full house, the performance was certainly successful, showcasing some amazing talents.

Ingrid Meiklejohn - School Captain  

Term 4 - week 2

As week 2 flies by, numerous events can be found taking place all over Centenary.

The school's numerous touch teams travelled to the annual All Schools Touch Carnival last weekend, gaining mixed results throughout. Given the teams managed to maintain fairly high health, the carnival could be remembered fondly in comparison with years prior.

For anyone with extra-curricular commitments, Term 4 is pretty much just controlled chaos. Mental Health week, organised by the Student Council, greatly counterbalances the insanity, providing fun and relaxing activities for students of all ages. Running throughout the entirety of week 2, the options for participation include yoga, chalk-drawing, bubble-blowing and my personal favourite – sausage-in-bread eating. Even students, who choose not to engage with specific activities, benefit as the week itself serves as a worthy reminder to maintain positive mental health and check in with friends.

Finally, a ridiculously optimistic teachers team take on a Year 12 netball team brimming with raw talent on Thursday. This clash marks the second instalment of a 3-part teachers vs students series, featuring touch football, netball and soccer. Given the charity displayed by the Year 12s to concede the touch game and the fact that the teachers might as well write soccer off early, the netball looks set to be a must win series decider.

We look forward to keeping you updated on future events and (hopefully) reporting a series win.

Mitchell Williams - School Captain 

Term 4 - week 1

Welcome to Term 4 Week 1 everybody! There is an air of excitement buzzing around the school from Year 7 right through to Year 12 as the end of the year approaches. Monday saw students enjoying an extra day of school holidays thanks to the public holiday and shortened the school week to only four days.  

On Friday, our five incredibly talented Year 12 Music Extension students, Juhee, Ethan, Patricia, Caitlin and Ingrid were able to showcase what they have been working on throughout the year at the Music Extension Concert. These students all performed extraordinarily well and a massive congratulations must go out to them. A number of Centenary's bands and choirs also gave an outstanding performance on the night and represented our school with pride. An extra excitement level was added to the night as the concert was held in the new performing arts building, the Caldwell Performing Arts Centre. The audience loved the new building and were impressed that our students have the opportunity to learn in such a high-tech and well equipped space. Congratulations again to everyone involved in the night. 

The final countdowns have been set by our senior students and there is no denying how close we are to graduating now that we have entered our fourth and final term. The last ever assessment items for each subject have been handed out and deadlines are already approaching for these items of work, a bittersweet feeling for all.  

That's all for this week and I can't wait to see what our final term for 2019 will hold. 

Emily Treadwell - School Vice-Captain


















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