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Term 3 - week 9

The term is beginning to end. The final QCS test is finished. Year 11 and 12 exam block is over. Assessment for all grades is finally winding down – a fact welcomed by both teachers and students alike. As we near the end of arguably the busiest term of the school year, it is a perfect time to reflect on the hard work already accomplished this year and ready ourselves for the final exhausting expenditure of Term 4. Stay strong and look after yourself. As Mrs Parker always tells me: drink water, love your Mum and get plenty of sleep.

With R U OK? Day having just passed, it is important to check in with yourself and make sure that beneath it all, you are coping and are mentally healthy. Furthermore, it is also significant to accept that not being okay, is okay, and that you can seek help both within and outside of school to assist you on your journey to being the best version of you. Keep going CHSHS – we can do this!

Ingrid Meiklejohn - School Captain 

Term 3 - week 5

Week 5 – what a blast!

Leadership speeches and voting for next year's prospective senior leaders occurred on Tuesday of this week. This event is always a momentous occasion in the school calendar as it marks the beginning of the hand over from old leaders to new. Great job to those who put themselves out there and spoke – a very impressive and courageous effort.

Our boys and girls Soccer teams are competing in the semi-finals of their Interschool competition this week also. Good luck to both teams!

Also, in retrospect, the Athletics Carnival of Week 4 was an absolute success. Student participation in sporting events over the two days and in the carnival theme of 'fluro' was phenomenal – the best in several years. A big thank you to all the staff and students involved in the organisation of the day congratulations to all who participated.

Good luck to all students and staff over the next few weeks as assessments ramp up – we can do this!

Ingrid Meiklejohn - School Captain 

Term 3 - week 4 

How time flies! It feels like we're just back from holidays but already nearly halfway through the term!  

Week 4 has been immense, with the Athletics Carnival being held across Tuesday and Wednesday. Numerous records were broken, new initiatives trialled and much fun had. Despite questionable music, some serious sunburn on display and Curran winning yet again, the 1.5 day carnival did not disappoint, playing host to some pretty whacky dress-up ideas, themed or otherwise.  

Tuesday also saw a hurried appearance at the Red Lions Soccer carnival from the Open Boys and Open Girls soccer teams. With two wins and a draw each, they progress to the semi-finals where both face Highlands. We can only hope matching wins are next. 

Finally, leadership nominations are once again progressing for the future leaders of Centenary. We wish good luck to all involved!

Mitchell Williams - School Captain 

Term 3 - week 2 

Welcome back everybody! Its Term 3 already, can you believe it? We sincerely hope that everyone has enjoyed a well-deserved break over the holidays and that you have all come back well rested and ready to get back to work.

Year 12's only have 14 weeks of school left. Fourteen! In reality it would be closer to 11 or 12 weeks, all things considered, but then again that's just me trying to talk myself into thinking it's less than what it is. Good luck everybody, I know you'll all make it.

So far we've kicked off term 3 with some amazingly talented students participating in Creative Generation. This massive event saw hundreds upon hundreds of students onstage at any given point in time. The entire performance will air on television at 12:00pm on Saturday, 28 September for those who are keen to see the entire performance in all its glory.

This week saw our school's NAIDOC or 'National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee' celebrations with several presentations presented on this week's parade. Parent teacher interviews will also occur later this week. Our school Athletics Carnival is fast approaching, so stay tuned to find out what this year's theme will be. A big congratulations to the Centenary Heights Mooting team who have just recently won their quarter finals and are on course to the semi finals to play against the hardest opponent in the competition. Good luck guys!

Some more exciting news, the Caldwell Building will hopefully be opening soon so keep a keen eye out for when our wonderful new Performing Arts Centre opens this term.

We hope that everybody will continue putting in 110% effort into the second half of the year as we all have in the first and we wish you all luck as you head into such a busy term. That's all for Week 2, but we eagerly await the coming weeks and the exciting events they hold. 

Andrew Corbett - School Vice-Captain













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