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Term 1 - week 4

The year 2020 is well under way for Centenary Heights State High School. Entering week four already, it's going to be difficult slowing down and enjoying our final year. 

The 2020 year sevens have entered through the Centenary Heights gates to begin their high schooling careers. With yet another large cohort, well over 300, the  sevens have begun what is a 6-year adventure. Thanks to hard working and caring teachers, year 7 students have transitioned smoothly into high school life. 

Year 7 camp is fast approaching, only 1 week away. Both the at school camp and Runaway Bay camp will be a great experience for our sevens, providing yet again another opportunity for friendships and connections to be made with both younger and older students.  

Week 2 saw the presentation of the senior badges to our Year 12's. The Year 12's are quickly adjusting to becoming the leaders of the school, making good use of the International kitchen already. Much to the delight of the cohort, week 2 also saw the distribution of the 2020 senior jerseys. The Year 12's are wearing their jerseys with pride… even when the weather is much too hot. 

The Centenary Heights swimming carnival took place this Monday and Tuesday. The Junior swimming carnival saw some incredible efforts from our younger students, with many of them booking themselves a spot in the TSSS trials. Curran House was the eventual winner of the Junior swimming carnival! The Senior swimming carnival also saw some amazing efforts from those who participated. Great house spirit and the bravery of our students to get in and have a swim made the day all the more enjoyable. The final house results will be announced at the next full school parade. Go Curran.  

There are many opportunities to get involved within our school community. Whether it be sporting teams, choir, band or the musical there's something for everyone in 2020. We, as captains, look forward to the year ahead and can't wait to keep you updated.  

Elijah Mathewson - School Captain

Term 1 - week 5

Greetings from Year 7 camp! Our Year 7s are three days into their stay here at Runaway Bay and have had an action packed few days of bonding and adventure. Our camp has included activities like stand-up paddle boarding, dance nights and team challenges, built around themes of leadership and resilience to develop their skills as individuals and as cooperative team members. Camp has given the students the opportunity to connect with each other making new friends, as well as getting to know some of our senior leaders who have given invaluable insight and advice on making the most of their time at Centenary Heights High.  

But the fun doesn't stop at camp, last week we kicked off our sporting year with the 2020 Swimming Carnival, an eventful two days for our juniors and seniors. Although all teams gave it their all it was Swartz who came out with a victory this year… better luck next time Kenny.

A massive thank you must be extended to Ms Zylstra and Ms Mayers for their effort with our Student Council and friends of the Student Council holding their annual Valentines Day fundraiser. This year's fundraiser sold over 500 roses raising over $1,300 for our sponsor child. 

Chelsea Golding - School Captain

Term 1 - week 7

Now that it's starting to get to the business end of the term, assignments are due and studying for exam block is picking up. Nonetheless, Centenary had a big week and we still look forward to celebrating so much more before the term finishes.

Last Monday, we had our Term 1 free dress and red food day, raising funds for the Student Council while enjoying some hot chips at the same time. This was the first free dress/red food day for Year 7's and they turned out in spectacular fashion.

One of the key highlights last week was International Women's Day! To commemorate all the wonderful women in our lives a picnic was organised on Friday first break, outside the Performing Arts Centre and although the official date was on Sunday 8 March, there was plenty of fun with bubbles, stickers and Beyoncé.

The musical, "Disco Inferno", is well and truly underway. Leads have already been decided and rehearsals have begun for a thrilling performance to be performed in week 4 Term 2.  So keep your eyes peeled for tickets and dates.

The Year 7's have settled back into normal classes after their camp at Runaway Bay, which took place in week 5 and, from my time there as a Camp Leader, I could see many new friendships and relationships blossom. Whether it was pulling a classmate under a sand trench or laughing as they fell off their stand-up paddle board, it was an awesome camp.

Sophie Lyon - School Vice-Captain






















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