English is Exciting and Essential for Everyone, just like a CD of Abba "Arrival". Our units range from a study of the classics, such as Romeo and Juliet, to popular culture texts, such as magazines, reality TV, The Simpsons and celebrities. Our aim is to study a rich diversity of language and texts from authors of the past, such as Shakespeare and Bronte, to texts that have relevance to students' daily lives. We study how texts create meaning, and how language works in particular texts and contexts.

"To study or not to study English . . . . is that the question." No . . . . . it is compulsory to study English at all year levels, but in Senior, you have the choice of studying either English, Literature or English Essentials. The only requirements necessary for a student to study an English subject are as follows: a pen, paper, your laptop, enthusiasm and a willingness to broaden your cultural and literary experiences. Students are exposed to a wide range of texts from past and present day authors. Our committed and experienced staff will challenge you and guide you as you read, write, speak, listen and view a variety of texts in different contexts.

At Centenary Heights we have many students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Our Junior and Senior programs are flexible to ensure students are provided with the greatest chance of success in their learning.

The time has come, the walrus said, to experience many new things....

The Year 7-10 Junior English Program, based on the Australian Curriculum for English, helps develop students' proficiency in writing, speaking, reading, listening and viewing. Students compose and comprehend a range of texts and study how texts make meaning. Curriculum booklets are distributed to all students providing specific information for Year 7/8 English and Year 9/10 English.
In Senior, students have the option of studying:
  • English
  • Literature
  • English Essentials

All three subjects contribute to a student's ATAR ranking, although most university courses require a pass in either English or Literature. Students may study English and Literature concurrently. Further information about Senior English subjects can be found in the Senior Curriculum Handbook.


Faculty Directory

Bonny Gardner 12 English
Sam Baker8 English, 12 English Essentials
Tori Barton 7 English
Sandie Black 7  English
Melinda Burton 7 English, 10 English
Sally Codyre 7 English, 12 English
Anna Donald 8 English,  10 English
Wendy Ellem10 Literature, 11 English Essentials, 12 English Essentials
Elli Hanna 7 English, 9 English,  12 English
Kathleen Hannant 10 English Foundation, Year 12 Literature
Chris Hindmarsh 9 English,  10 English, 11 English,  12 English
Erin Mallet9 English, 10 English, 11 English, 12 English
Hannah McKeon 9 English
Travis McMicking 9 English Foundation, 10 English, 11 English
Libby Nairn 8 English, 9 English Foundation, 11 Literature
Lisa Napier 8 English, 11 English Essentials
Louise O'Mara7 English
Christy Parker 8 English, 9 English
Mary-Anne Searle-Tebbit 12 English Essentials
Jo Slatter 9 English, 11 English
Kellie Sloss 8 English, 10 English Foundation, 11 English Essentials, 12 English Essentials
Renae Stanley 7 English, 10 English
Tiffany Story 7 English
Sarah Sykes8 English, 11 English Essentials
Claire Thicthener 7 English,  9 English,  11 English Essentials
Mark Thomas9 English
David Trueman8 English, 11 English
Rachel Walker 10 English, 11 Literature
Adam Watts7 English
Louise Willson 7 English
Naomi Zietsch 8 English, 9 English Foundation, 11 English
Last reviewed 10 August 2020
Last updated 10 August 2020