Sport overview 2020

Centenary Heights State High School  aims to cater for all students through a variety of sporting options throughout the year. In 2020, we will continue to offer students sporting opportunities via quality choices of physical activities and sports provided by staff with valuable experience, expertise and knowledge.

Students trialling for representative sport follow the systems below:

  • 10 – 12 year old students trial and represent through the Zone sport system to Darling Downs ie School trial – Central Zone trial – Darling Downs trial - these are students born 2008
  • 13 – 19 year old students represent through Toowoomba District sport system on to Darling Downs ie School trial – Toowoomba District trial – Darling Downs trial
  • All nominations go through the Sports Coordinator via a nomination slip and payments are to have been made at the Textbook Office (Central Zone and TSSS) or online (Darling Downs) PRIOR to trials.
  • Students are advised of notices on student notices for at least 7 days prior to trials.
  • Late nominations cannot be accepted as nominations need to be sent through to  the relevant sporting  body and conveners by set dates.
  • Students are not permitted to attend trials if their behaviour and effort has not been acceptable, work is not up to date and they are not financially up to date.

Please find in our calendar section a copy of the 12-year old trials (students born 2008). This is to assist in clearly identifying which trials are for 12-year old students and which trials are through the TSSS 13- to 19-year old students.

School sporting teams and opportunities


The school competes in many Gala Day and School Competitions. These school teams are chosen via school trials that have been advertised on Student Notices. School sporting team opportunities include:


Laura Geitz Netball, Friday Night Basketball, AFL, Rugby League, Futsal, Junior and Senior Vicki Wilson Netball, Macca’s Cup Basketball, Red Lions SSI Soccer, Golden Glove Softball, Pedal Prix, Hockey, Cricket, All Schools Touch to name a few.

Our school sport teams for Gala Days are selected via school trials held at breaks. Notes are then handed out on selection providing information about training, competition dates and costs. Students may only be selected in school sporting teams if they demonstrate good effort and behaviour in classes, work is up-to-date and all fees have been paid.  Coaching staff are required to follow this procedure when taking on teams. All notes and forms pertaining to school sport teams will also be uploaded to our school website for your convenience.

Tuesday Afternoon Sport


This year Year 7, 8, 9 and Year 10 students will participate in Tuesday Afternoon Sport. 

Tuesday afternoon sport offers students a large variety of activities to accommodate the individual skill levels and needs of students. There is a fantastic choice of venues/activities whilst trying to keep costs to a minimum. Our Year 11 Sport Captains and some of our other senior students assist staff throughout the year.

Below is the timetable for Sport in 2020:

Year levelTerm 1 OutlineTerm 2 OutlineTerm 3 OutlineTerm 4 Outline
7Fitness activitiesAthletics rotationsSocial sport optionsSocial sport options
8Fitness activitiesAthletics rotationsSocial sport optionsSocial sport options
9Social sport optionsSocial sport optionsWell-being activitiesSocial sport options
10Social sport optionsSocial sport optionsSocial sport optionsWell-being activities

Students are not given options of more sedentary activities (board games, craft) during Tuesday afternoon sport. A non-participants room is available to students who are injured, however students who attend this room require a note of explanation each week. This option is not a long term one.


If students choose an out of school sport, they will be required to pay a bus cost of $30 for the term plus any additional payments that need to be made at the venue each week. A medical consent form must also be completed for any out-of-school venue sport.


As part of Centenary Heights State High School policy, all students who leave the school to participate in sport at an outside venue are required to travel by the buses provided by the school. No students are to walk, ride or drive to or from outside venues. This ensures your child is supervised at all times. All buses return to the school by 2.50pm. Times and venues will be given to students by staff. Students are also not to take their school bags to sport. All sports allow enough time to be finished on the school bell for students to return to their lockers before leaving the school grounds.


Students have a chance to select their preference for sports during our Sports Sort-out held in the first two weeks of each term. Once students have selected their sport, they are required to stay in that sport for the term. Some sports may not run due to low student numbers. Students  are not permitted to sign out from school on Tuesday afternoons (to go to appointments or home) unless there is an extraordinary circumstance.

Sport options can be viewed in the Sport Options PDF in the "Related Links" tab.


Chris Bartlett

Sport Coordinator


Maryanne Walsh



Last reviewed 11 February 2020
Last updated 11 February 2020