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Term 1 - week 3  

The new year at Centenary Heights has kicked off as fast as ever, with another massive Year 7 cohort joining our school's ranks. Both students and camp leaders alike are already gearing up for what is set to be another awesome Year 7 camp in week 5 of this term. 

The Year 12s are gradually settling in as leaders of the school, following their Badge and Gold level ceremony of week 2. They are now identifiable by their proudly sported senior badges and will soon, hopefully, be made more conspicuous by the arrival of their much-anticipated senior jerseys. 

In addition to the seniors of the school, elected leaders are also embracing new roles and responsibilities, particularly after the first leaders' meeting of the year in week 3. Being surrounded by so many young leaders with such confidence and ambition is inspiring and exciting, promising much potential within Centenary Heights for the year ahead. 

With the Junior Swimming Carnival taking place on Wednesday of week 4, the ultra-keen got in early, competing in the numerous open swimming events throughout week 3. Also in sport, school team and TSSS trials have begun with customary speed across a wide range of disciplines, with many students participating in trials. 

As ever, the new year at Centenary is an exciting time, with many opportunities available for students interested in engaging in extra-curricular activities. As the school captaincy team, we look forward to keeping you updated throughout the year.

Mitchell Williams - School Captain 

Term 1 - week 5

And suddenly, we're halfway through Term 1! What a year it has been already. 

Week 5 at Centenary means Year 7 camp, an exciting time for the whole cohort with programs running both on campus and at Runaway Bay. Both camps run over four jampacked days and include indoor and outdoor activities, water sports and team building games, acting as a great opportunity for the new Year 7s to make new friends and settle more comfortably into high school. The camps also enable Year 7 students to interact and develop friendships with their senior leaders – a special connection for both parties. I hope everyone involved has a fantastic time! A special thanks to the teachers who assist greatly in the organisation and smooth running of both camps. 

With the Junior Swimming Carnival occurring in Week 4 and the Senior Carnival in Week 5, it is also a busy time in sports. Both carnivals are always a great spectacle, with exceptional swimming talent and house spirit on display. Once again, thank you to the teachers assisting in these carnivals. I hope everyone participating in these carnivals had an enjoyable day. 

Week 5 has been a hectic time at Centenary Heights! With assessments drawing closer, the coming weeks will be, I'm sure, just as exciting and busy. 

Ingrid Meiklejohn - School Captain

Term 1 - week 6

Term 1 has been flying past faster than many of the Seniors would like it to be and not fast enough according to the Junior students!

All of the Year 7 students are excited to be back this week after their fantastic time spent at Runaway Bay or here at Centenary with our alternative 'At School Camp Program'. We'd like to give a very special thank you to Mr McMillan for all the fantastic work he put into ensuring that the Year 7's have had an unforgettable and memorable start to their next six years here with us at Centenary Heights State High School. Another big thank you is owed to the Teachers and Staff who gave up their time to come along with us to Runaway Bay or to assist here with the alternative program. And finally, we'd like to thank the Student leaders for their assistance last week and the Year 7's for their amazing conduct, attitudes and values on display this past week. Thank you for such a wonderful experience last week and we look forward to seeing you all again around the school.

Over the past two weeks, various grades have enjoyed productions by Shake and Stir, a Brisbane based Theatre Company who travel around between schools to perform plays by William Shakespeare in a contemporary style. These entertaining performances aim to assist students with understanding the deeper underlying themes of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth. Their amazing performances have helped students across the school with their approaching assessment. So thank you to the Shake and Stir team and good luck to the students with your assessments!

This Tuesday evening (March 4), Centenary Heights had the privilege of hosting an event attended by student leaders in school communities across Toowoomba, which focussed on raising awareness of Domestic violence and its impact on the Toowoomba Community, and Australia as a whole.  Twelve secondary schools, across the catholic, independent and state sectors were represented at this event with approximately 50 people participating. The aim of the event was to give the student leaders an understanding of the incidence of domestic and family violence [DFV] and raise awareness about its alarming prevalence in our school communities.

During this event, we had the opportunity to hear from John Minz, Chairman and President of Toowoomba Together Incorporated [TTI]. This organisation has deep roots in the Toowoomba community, having originated as the Toowoomba Says No to Violence (TSN2V) movement, established in 2006. This organisation, with the support of the Toowoomba community, is devoted to minimising the impact of domestic and family violence within and around Toowoomba as well as facilitating a number of educational programs for a wide range of child, adolescent and adult audiences which highlight the need for cultural and behavioural change.

We also had the privilege of listening to Amy, (her surname is confidential due to her work as a counsellor with DVAC), who works with the Domestic Violence Action Centre [DVAC]. This organisation is dedicated to working towards the abolition of all forms of violence against women and children through the provision of services to the greater Ipswich and Toowoomba regions, including the local government areas of Ipswich City Council, Toowoomba Regional Council and the Darling Downs, Somerset Regional Council (including Kilcoy), Lockyer Valley Regional Council and Scenic Rim Regional Council (excluding Beaudesert). DVAC provides an extensive range of services on both an individual and community level. In work with women, children and young people, DVAC provides services that are safe, accountable and confidential ensuring that the rights of women, children and young people are respected.

During the event, student leaders with staff assistance, discussed strategies to embrace the victims of domestic violence and strategies to work towards minimising females as victims and males as perpetrators as they grow to adulthood within our school communities.

This week marks the beginning of the end of the term and we wish all of you luck with your approaching assessment in the weeks to come!

Andrew Corbett - School Vice Captain

Term 1 - week 7

Welcome to Term 1 Week 7 everyone!  

We are officially in the busiest time of term and with assessment due dates and exams drawing close, the library is buzzing at every lunchtime. The computer labs are bursting with eager students finishing off assessments and studying with their friends.  

The leaders' Badge Ceremony was held on Tuesday as an extension of our normal Tuesday parade. The 2019 leadership team loved receiving their badges on stage and the student body equally enjoyed cheering them on in the audience. Mr van Dorsselaer shared an extraordinary anecdote on parade from the senior boys' recent T20 cricket game, exclaiming that their narrow win was the "greatest moment in Australian sporting history"! So well done to the senior boys' cricket team! 

On Thursday, the students heard a presentation about the online bullying reporting tool, Stymie, in anticipation for its use in our school from term 2 onwards. Although our school is a big advocate for standing up, speaking out and not participating in bystander behaviour, we are hopeful that this will be a new, safe avenue for students to report bullying in an effective, completely anonymous manner as soon as it occurs. 

Friday saw the acknowledgement of the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, with the student body all wearing an orange accessory to show their support. The staff have been wearing their orange ribbons around school all week and it is encouraging to know that the entire body of Centenary Heights does not stand for bullying and violence and are willing to advocate for what is right. 

Week 7 has been a jam-packed week for all students and staff and we are excited to see what week 8 will bring! 

Emily Treadwell - School-Vice Captain





Last reviewed 14 March 2019
Last updated 14 March 2019