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It's week 8, which means that we're over halfway through Year 12! However, this also means that Year 12 exam block begins this week on Thursday. We just cannot contain our excitement! Although this sense of impending doom looms over our heads, this week has seen some exciting events unfold.

This Tuesday, our wonderful Interact team unveiled our final can collection total for our Lifeline Can Appeal, which was revealed to be a whopping total of 8,365 cans. A big thank you is owed to the Year 12 cohort for donating over 5,000 cans, and especially 12H for their donation of just over 4,000 cans. It is in moments like these that I am reminded of all the generosity and kindness in our school and how lucky we are to work alongside such kind-hearted and giving people. However, the biggest thank you is owed to the Centenary Heights Interact Club and Mrs Sandy Feldman, who gave up vast amounts of their own time to organise and run the event, and without who, this day would not have been possible.

Also, this Wednesday our wonderfully talented choir has headed off to Fanfare Regional Finals. I wish them all the luck in the world, and commend both them and Mrs Law for their unrelenting dedication and effort put into reaching such a high level of excellence to qualify for this competition. Their love of what they do is clearly expressed through their singing and I wish them luck with their performance.

This week on Parade we were all fortunate enough to hear Patricia and Bertha's performance as a part of the cross cultural "The Power of a Story" initiative. The aim of this powerful initiative is to increase the cross cultural presence in the school, giving students a platform in which they are able to share their culture and religion with the rest of the school in unique and interesting ways. This week we saw Bertha and Patricia perform, and my word, was it amazing. We are all really fortunate and grateful to have been given the opportunity to listen in awe to their performance and look forward excitedly to the various others throughout the remainder of the year.

Finally, Year 12, good luck with surviving your exams and we'll see you next week. Maybe. Hopefully. Only time will tell. It's been a pleasure knowing you all.

Andrew Corbett - School Vice-Captain  

Week 7 – here we are again.

With students in the midst of drafting and assessment, it has been a very busy time.

The Australian Army Band attended our school on Thursday last week. The group conducted helpful workshops with the concert and stage bands, as well as holding a very popular performance in the hall at first break. Their attendance was much appreciated by the Music department and wider school community. Thank you to all involved.

Our school's Lifeline Can Appeal competition concluded at the end of last week too. Everyone is waiting in anticipation for the big reveal on full school parade in Week 8. This initiative is extremely beneficial to the Toowoomba community so let's hope we reached our target!

The Year 10 business ventures sadly concluded this week. CornyWebs, The Brownie Bar and Macho Nacho have been serving delicious meals under E Block at first break since mid-term. Congratulations to the Year 10 classes, you have done a great job.

With winter now being in full swing, it's time to start rugging up. Stay warm everyone!

Ingrid Meiklejohn - School Captain 

Week 6 has again been one of hustle and bustle. 

Last week ended with the first Music Extension concert for the year. The night showcased the talents of the year 12 ME students who had worked tirelessly for their assessment. Also featured were the senior string ensemble, orchestra and CHSHS Voices. It was a fantastic night enjoyed by all. Congratulations to all participating students. 

Sadly, all good things come to an end and sadly the Lifeline Can Appeal is no exception. After a month of inter-PCG competition, classmate coercion and generosity, thousands of cans have been collected, awaiting their reveal on whole school parade. This presentation will conclude with the handover of the cans to Lifeline representatives. 

Bring on week 7!

Mitchell Williams - School Captain 

The term seems to be flying by, with week 5 already well underway. Exam block has commenced for the year 11 students, with the first ATAR exams occurring over the course of the next week. The rest of the school are nearing drafting due dates and it is safe to stay that the workload is beginning to increase. 

A sweet spot amongst all of the assessment craziness this week has been the running of the three Year 10 business ventures that have been operating over various lunch breaks during the week. The CornyWebs venture has had delicious popcorn and spiders on offer, whilst the MachoNacho venture has provided tasty nacho meals deals, a very welcomed source of warmth for students and teachers as the weather cools down. The Brownie Bar also saw students enjoying rich, chocolatey brownies topped off with delicious toppings of choice. A big thank you to all three business classes for providing us with some incredible food whilst gaining valuable business operations knowledge – your effort has not gone unnoticed, you and your teachers should be proud of what you have produced! 

That's all for week 5, see you all next week!

Emma Treadwell - School Vice-Captain 

So apparently, it's week 4, which means we're already waiting eagerly for the holidays, or so I have been told. So, good news everybody, we're nearly halfway there!

This week marks the beginning of the Lifeline can appeal, an annual event here at CHSHS where our school collects cans and other non-perishable items to donate to Lifeline. This is an incredibly exciting event run by the fantastic Mrs Feldman and organised by our wonderful Interact club. The whole school is getting in on the fun! Remember folks,  the can appeal is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the Toowoomba community.  As for the year 12's, this is your last chance to participate, so we encourage you to go out with a bang! The goal is to reach a grand total of 6,000 cans, so remember to bring in your cans and other non-perishable goods on the collection days over the next few weeks. As Mrs Feldman always says, "Every little bit adds up to a lot!"

Also, our wonderful Choir performed at Fanfare, coming out with a gold award. So, congratulations to them for their hard work and dedication – a well-deserved award and you've made the school proud! Last Friday, the Stage Band performed at a local Toowoomba Jazz club, a wonderful experience that I'm told made some very special memories. Members of the Stage Band played with wonderful quality,  your love of music was clearly noticeable during your performance and you had an amazing energy and presence on the night. It almost made me want to get up and dance too! Almost…

Also, this week the Junior school powered through Naplan, and the year 12's sat their lovely English exam. Don't get too excited yet though, next week our brave year 11's are sitting through exam block after their exciting RYDA road safety day on Monday.

I wish you all luck as we head into this heavy assessment period and I encourage you all to keep powering through. It'll all be over soon. I promise. Week 10 is so close. So close… 

Andrew Corbett - School Vice-Captain  

Term 2, Week 3 is now upon us. How time flies!

Rehearsals for the school's production of Picnic at Hanging Rock are now in full swing. Actors are now beginning blocking while the backstage team are hard at work building sets. Catch the performance in Term 3 at the Armitage Centre.

Centenary's Cross Country and Fun Run was held on Tuesday 7 May and was a huge success. Enthusiastic participation at both the Kearney's Spring and school carnival made for a great and competitive afternoon. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winning house in the coming days!

On Tuesday, Toowoomba's annual Maths Team Challenge, a competition involving a number of secondary schools from across the region was held. Centenary performed exceptionally well, receiving 1st and 2nd in the intermediate division and 2nd and 3rd in the senior division. Congratulations to all the mathematicians involved!

What an eventful week.

Ingrid Meiklejohn - School Captain

Term 2 - week 2

After just 2 weeks, term 2 already feels well under way.

The school's Performing Arts students are approaching some of their busiest weeks, with cast finalisation in progress and rehearsals underway for Picnic at Hanging Rock, as well as preparations for Fanfare and Eisteddfod, occurring in weeks 3 and 4. 

Assessment is rearing its ugly head once more, occupying much of the senior students' time. The month of May does have a massive saving grace however. The Interact-organised Lifeline Can Appeal has, for the 17th year, returned to Centenary. Ending 31 May, the appeal collects thousands of non-perishable food items for donation to Lifeline for redistribution as 'care packages' for those doing it tough. The event always attracts much healthy competition, particularly among the grade 12s, with speculation about 500 can PCGs already emerging. 

Another undisputed annual favourite, International Food Day, has returned for 2019, scheduled for Friday May 3. The day offers students an opportunity to taste a diverse range of foreign foods in exchange for a gold coin donation. In addition to this exciting day, Cross Cultural Captains, Raign and Fatima, have launched a fresh initiative, in which students from a variety of backgrounds share their story through an array of mediums. Appropriately dubbed The Power of a Story, this parade addition aims to celebrate Centenary's diversity and promote cultural awareness. 

Unsurprisingly, term 2 is once again a busy time for all, as extra-curricular opportunities throughout the school maintain their fever-pitch.

Mitchell Williams - School Captain

Term 2 - week 1

Welcome back to term 2 everyone! 

The school term is already in full swing with the completion of week one. Students are excited to be back for another eventful term and are eager to get stuck into new topics in each of their subjects. With the Easter Monday public holiday and the ANZAC Day public holiday on Thursday, week one was a short one and slowly eased students back into the school routine. 

The new bullying reporting tool Stymie has gone live this week and the school is hopeful for its success and efficiency within the Centenary Heights State High School community.  

The Centenary Heights ANZAC day parade was held on Wednesday and was an admirable tribute to those who landed in Gallipoli on April 25, 1915. All students acted with an appropriate, respectful manner and appreciated the guest speakers who presented on the day. As a school community, we were very grateful that we were able to commemorate such a significant day with such an honourable service.  A big thank you to Mrs McAleer and all teachers and students involved for preparation and work leading up to the day.  

Week one was a pretty quiet one but we are all eager to see what the coming weeks have in store for term 2!

Emma Treadwell - School Vice-Captain













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