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Term 2 Week 6
It’s the busiest time of the term. Lots is happening this week.
Firstly we have a very exciting parade in store for us this week. The annual, and much anticipated can appeal reveal will take place on parade. As students bring in their last non-perishable items, and the numbers are tallied up, everyone is waiting anxiously to see if we have reached our goal of 6000. I have a good feeling that we will.
We will also be having a performance from the musical last weekend on parade. So for those who missed out on seeing the talent and hard work of our cast and crew at We Will Rock You on the 18th and 19th, now is your chance to see snippet of it.
Relay for life was a huge success. As students recover from very long and cold night, the final amounts of fundraising is being calculated. What a great cause to get behind. A huge thank you to all those who helped fundraise and to those who donated.
As exams and assignment due dates are approaching, the library is buzzing with staff and students. Good luck to all those with assessment in the coming weeks.
Ruby Sanders
School Captain
Term 2 Week 5
Week 5 is here, and the hustle and bustle of students continues as the days fly and they prepare for the fun-filled weekend to come. It has been one busy week as the rehearsals ensue for the musical which looms in on the weekend, it is sure shaping up to be a great show and I for one, would not want to miss it.
The weekend of relay for life is coming, where teams gather overnight at Queens Park to relay in the fight against cancer, commemorating and celebrating the survivors while remembering those who have passed away from the disease. The teams can be seen diligently fundraising around the school from sausage sizzles to the waxing of legs and shaving of hair, the activities never seem to cease.
A huge sigh of relief could also be heard from the students as NAPLAN tests start and finish for the grade 7s and 9s. The assessment sure is piling up as in and out of school work clash at this important time of the term. The temptation of the exciting weekend to relax is only too real, as we struggle not to fall behind on our assessment.
The term is already looking fun filled and promising, as we keep our spirits high and prepare for the events to come. I know many will agree when I say that I can’t wait to see what the rest of this term has waiting for us.
Jun Khai (Kenzo) Chooi
School Vice-Captain
Term 2 - Week 4
As we progress into the middle of the second term, we prepare ourselves for many exciting events to come. In a couple of weeks, the school will be presenting its school musical ‘We Will Rock You’ and the students and staff have been putting in an immense number of hours and practice to perfect the show for all the viewers to see. With the directions of Mrs Black, Mrs McAleer and Mrs Parker, you can be assured that this Musical isn’t one to miss.
Also coming up, the school will be shortly participating in a couple of sporting events, the Golden Glove Softball and the School’s Cup Volleyball. With three teams entering for softball and our junior girls representing us at volleyball, we look forward to their games and the exceptional feedback they deliver back to the school.
The school will also be participating in Relay for Life this year with many teams nominating and beginning their fundraisers. On top of that, we also have our Colours for Cancer fundraiser coming in the next week where students may wear a coloured shirt that supports a certain type of cancer, such as pink for breast cancer.
With lots of exciting things to look forward to this team, the students and teachers keep their energy high. I look forward to the rest of this term.
Nicholas von Xanten
School Captain