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Jodie Beauchamp, Acting HOD, Science

Hi, my name is Jodie Beauchamp and I am the Head of Department for Science.

Welcome to the Science Faculty.

The staff in this faculty believe in delivering learning experiences which prepare students for multiple pathways ranging from direct employment to tertiary studies. We believe that Science becomes relevant when it is connected to real life situations.

At present the Science Faculty offers Agricultural Science in Year 7, and Core Science in Years 7-10, with 'tasters' for Senior Science courses offered in Semester 2 of Year 10. Students are able to select Agricultural Science as an elective subject in Year 9 and 10 as well as Maths and Science Enrichment.

Science Program

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10

Science: A course that introduces Science as a way of knowing and develops 'Working Scientifically' for life long learning.

Agricultural Science:  A course that introduces agricultural systems.

Year 9 and 10

Agricultural Science: A course that focuses on agricultural systems and the relationship between agriculture and society.

Maths/Science Enrichment: A course designed to develop talent, build on interest and encourage higher order thinking skills through utilisation of the school's Science and Mathematics resources.

Year 11 and 12

Biology: A study of the natural systems of the living world.

Chemistry: A study of matter and its interactions.

Physics: A study of matter and energy and the interactions between the two.

Agricultural Science: Study of the ways people manage natural resources.

Certificate ll in Agriculture: A course with an emphasis on practical application of Agricultural skills.

Certificate ll in Rural Operations: Designed to give students knowledge and practical experience in a range of rural operations.

Certificate ll in Sampling and Measurement: This course is designed to give students knowledge and practical experiences in a range of scientific operations.


Faculty Directory


​Gary Barrett ​7 Ag Science, 7 Science, 9 Science, 10 Ag Science, 11/12 Cert II Rural Operations, 11/12 Ag Science
​Jodie Beauchamp ​10 Science, 12 Biology
​Tiffany Beck ​8 Science
​Peter Bialy ​8 Science, 10 Science, 12 Physics
​Bron Blinco ​7 Science, 8 Science
​Caitlin Braddick ​8 Science, 9 Science, 11 Biology
​Emma Castles ​7 Science
​Irene Chersini ​9 Science, 10 Science, 11 Chemistry, 11 Cert II Sampling and Measurement, 12 Chemistry
​Chris Cuthill ​7 Science, 8 Science, 10 Science, 12 Chemistry
​Kathryn Gorton ​8 Science
​Matthew Huth ​7 Ag Science, 7 Science, 9 Ag Science, 10 Maths/Science Enrichment
​Beckie Jacobsen ​7 Ag Science, 7 Science, 9 Science, 12 Ag Science
​Katie Kingston ​7 Science, 10 Science
​Peter Lalor ​7 Science, 9 Science, 12 Cert II Sampling and Measurement
​Dan Machulka ​9 Science, 10 Science
​Tracey Noon ​10 Science, 12 Chemistry
​Jesse Osborn ​8 Science, 9 Science, 12 Biology
​Georgina Rackemann ​Science
​Melissa Schmocker ​10 Science, 11 Biology
​Keeley Simpson ​7 Science
​Peter Sykes ​7 Science, 12 Biology
​Carly Szerstuk ​9 Science
​Michael Tracey ​10 Maths/Science Enrichment
​Stephanie Waite ​7 Science, 9 Science, 10 Science
​Jason Willy ​8 Science
​Nikki Bradford ​Scientific Operations Officer
​Sherelle Colyer Agricultural Assistant
​Phil Fletcher ​Scientific Operations Officer
​Jamie McIntyre ​Scientific Operations Officer