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​Mr Michael Bowden,  HOD, Mathematics​​​​​​​​​​​​

Welcome to all visitors to the Maths Faculty web page for 2018. There is a lot happening right from the word "go" this year. Major events include: individual nomination and payment of entry fees for the Australian Mathematics Competition, the ICAS Mathematics Competition, the Year 7 & 8 QAMT Maths quiz, and USQ Experience Days.

The Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 Mathematics courses at Centenary Heights State High have adopted the Australian Curriculum as outlined on the ACARA website. Students will complete a uniform course of study in the strands of Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, and Probability & Statistics. There is a strong emphasis on co-operative learning activities and students taking responsibility for their learning through setting learning targets within each topic and performing regular self-evaluation and reflection. Students will be exposed to and expected to regularly use a range of computational methods from mental calculation strategies through to calculator (computer) assisted calculation using the best available technologies.

This year will see a number of our staff begin training in Yumi Deadly Maths - a program designed to help teachers develop hands on teaching strategies and foster greater engagement in Mathematics. Already a number of these strategies can be seen across the school in a range of Mathematics classes.

There are opportunities for mathematically gifted students to extend their learning through the extension concepts embedded within each topic and participation in a range of national and regional competitions.

Extensive support is also in place to assist those students needing learning support in Mathematics. In the early part of Year 7, while we get to know our new students, that support will take the form of in class teacher-aide support and a Maths program adapted to the student's individual needs. Identified Year 9 students can do the subject Maths Foundation where they focus on the essential skills needed to improve their confidence and performance in Mathematics. Year 10 students needing support will do Maths Foundation, as well as doing the Essential Maths Taster in Semester 2, to assist them in their work readiness pathway moving into Years 11 and 12. Talk to Ms Rachael Mayers (Learning Facilitation Coordinator) for more information if you wish your child to be considered for any of these options and they haven't already been invited.

In the Senior years (Years 11 to 12) there are four mathematics subjects offered: Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Mathematics C, and Pre-vocational Mathematics. If a student chooses to do Mathematics C then Mathematics B must also be selected. There are other combinations of Mathematics subjects that can be chosen if a student has a strong interest in the field of Mathematics and wishes to do more than one Maths subject in Senior, however approval needs to be granted following interview with the school's guidance officer, Mr Jeff Head, and contact with myself for combinations outside those mentioned above.

To help students prepare for these Senior Mathematics subjects, they can opt to do Mathematics Taster subjects in the second semester of Year 10. This is an excellent way to experience what the senior subjects will be like to increase the chance of making appropriate subject selections for Senior, whilst still achieving the standards of the Year 10 Australian Curriculum.

As we move to new Senior subjects in 2019, students in Year 10 will have the opportunity to experience these subjects as tasters in Semester 2. In 2018 Essential Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics will be offered in the Taster program. Students should talk more with their teachers if they would like further guidance as to which subject may be better suited to them as they move on to Senior.

Please contact me through the school office or via my email  should you require further information concerning Mathematics subjects, competitions, or anything relating to Maths and Numeracy.


Faculty Directory​

​Catherine Andress

​10 Maths, 11 Maths B

Kathleen Morris 9 Maths Foundation, 10 Maths, 12 Maths A​
Kerryn Asmus 8 Maths Tracey Noon ​10 Maths Foundation,              11 Maths A

Tiffany Beck

8 Maths, 12 Maths B

Brian O'Brien 10 Maths, 11 Maths B, 12 Maths B,             12 Maths C​
Bron Blinco
​8 Maths, 9 Maths
Tim O'Connell 8 Maths​
Coco Bu ​7 Maths, 9 Maths,   10 Maths ​Julie Orton 7 Maths, 10 Maths,   11 Maths A
​Caitlyn Braddick ​8 Maths ​​Jesse Osborn 8 Maths
Rochelle Butlin

10 Maths

Georgina Rackemann 9 Maths
Emma Castles ​7 Maths Matthew Russell 8 Maths​, 9 Maths​
Chris Cuthill ​8 Maths Leanne Ryan 10 Maths
Frank Dowling 12 Maths A Melissa Schmocker ​9 Maths Foundation, 11 Prevoc Maths
Kathryn Gorton​ 8 Maths, 11 Maths C, 12 Maths B Keeley Simpson ​7 Maths, 10 Maths, 11 Prevoc Maths,           12 Maths A
Bec Hefron 10 Maths Foundation, 12 Prevoc Maths Brett Stefanowicz 8 Maths
​Rita Hsu 9 Maths Peter Sykes 7 Maths
Matthew Huth 7 Maths Carly Szerstuk 7 Maths, 9 Maths, 10 Maths, 11 Prevoc Maths
Becky Jacobsen 7 Maths Mike Tracey 9 Maths Foundation, 11 Maths A
Katie Kingston

7 Maths, 10 Maths Foundation, 11 Maths B

Emma Usher 7 Maths, 10 Maths, 12 Maths A
Peter Lalor 9 Maths Karen Vorpagel 8 Maths
​Aimee Lancaster 7 Maths, 9 Maths Stephanie Waite 11 Maths A
​Dan Machulka ​9 Maths,                 12 Prevoc Maths ​Jason Willy ​12 Prevoc Maths
​Dave McMillan ​7 Maths