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Industrial Technology and Design

​Melissa Rohde-Bidgood, HOD, Industrial Technology and Design​​​​​​​​​​​

About our curriculum direction

Manufacturing industries transform raw materials into products wanted by society and this focus of underpinning design practices and production processes is the aim of Industrial Technology offerings in Graphics, Furnishings, Building Construction, Engineering and Engineering Technologies across junior and senior levels. CHSHS ultimately remains focussed on maintaining the integration of practical elements in addition to the design focus in the Design Technologies Australian Curriculum.
Studies in Industrial Technology provides foundation skills for not only general life skills and employment, but also skills useful in University and TAFE courses of study. ITD offers subjects for OP, Non OP, and Certificate courses.
Beginning in Year 7, students are provided with a practical introduction to our subjects. Students who choose Junior Manufacturing are introduced to the theoretical background of Engineering and Furnishing, while developing their practical skills. Junior Graphics involves both paper and computer skills.

In the senior years, students may choose from Graphics, Furnishing, Engineering, and Construction. The aim is for students to be well prepared when taking on a trade after year 12. Growing trends and societal needs are reinforcing the practical skills that are learnt at Centenary Heights State High School in the ITD department. This faculty is almost entirely devoted to preparing students for the direct transition from school to employment. We are proud of our role in providing guidance and training for the tradespeople of the future.
As our society is changing so too does our Curriculum and 2018 is seeing current rewriting of our programs to align with developments of the Australian Curriculum and Queensland implementation of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) process.
On behalf of staff in the Industrial Technology faculty, we look forward to assisting your young person with their academic development and experience.
Kindest regards
Melissa Rohde-Bidgood
Head of Department

Jamie Hunt  ITD Co-ordinator

        Jamie Hunt

    ITD Co-ordinator


Year 8 Industrial Technology & Design
Industrial Technology and Design is designed to give students some knowledge and understanding of drawing practice and technology of materials.                                                                                                                                              
Year 9 & 10 Graphics
Develops intellectual, manipulative, analytical and problem solving skills in graphical communication.
Year 9 & 10 Shop A
Introduces students to woodwork, wood turning and plastics.
Year 9 & 10 Shop B
Introduces students to sheet metal work, fitting and fabrication, metal turning, basic electrics, mechanics, small motors and art metal work.
Year 7, 9 & 10 Electronics, Robotics and Associated Technologies

Introduces students to Electrical Technologies, theory of Electrical Design, Robotics and associated Technologies.

Year 11 & 12 Graphics
Develops graphical communication skills in its many forms.
Year 11 & 12 Building and Construction Studies
Engages students in a series of construction projects.
Year 11 & 12 Engineering Studies
Introduces students to the world of engineering.
Year 11 & 12 Furnishing Studies
Introduces students to the world of furnishing and industry specific training.
Year 11 & 12 Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology is a course of study that provides an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the underlying concepts and principles of engineering.

Faculty Directory




​​Jonathan Andress

7 & 9 Electronics, Robotics & Associated Technologies

9 Core Recreational Sport

10 Information & Communication Technologies

11 Information Processing & Technology

​Michael Clements

8 Industrial Technology & Design

10 Shop A

10 Electronics, Robotics & Associated Technologies

11 Graphics

12 Engineering Technology

Mike Hetherington   

8 Industrial Technology & Design

9 Shop A

11 Building & Construction Skills

11 Furnishing Skills

12 Certificate I in Construction

Jamie Hunt​

(ITD Co-ordinator)

9 & 10 Shop A

9 Graphics

12 Furnishing Skills

​James Lansbury

​9 Shop B

10 Shop A

11 Engineering Skills

11 & 12 Furnishing Skills

​Robin McDade ​7 Electronics, Robotics & Associated Technologies
Iain Mitchell​

10 Shop A

10 Shop B

10 Graphics

12 Graphics

Tim Winmill

9 Core Recreational Sport

11 Building & Construction Skills

12 Engineering Skills