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Health and Physical Education

​Sandra Hearnden - HOD, Health and Physical Education​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Centenary Heights State High School values student participation in physical activity as a means of improving the overall well-being of an individual. The Australian Sports Commission recognises that Australian society has changed and continues to change. Australians are not moving as much as we used to. This is leading to increases in preventable disease and poorer health across the nation.

Increasingly, Australian children are unable to perform basic fundamental movement skills such as running, throwing, kicking, swimming, catching or jumping. They lack the confidence, ability and motivation to move and to be physically active. Australians are also living increasingly sedentary lives, spending more time using screens than being physically active.

At Centenary Heights we want to change this, offering engaging opportunities for participation from Year 7 through to Year 12.

Year 7 and 8 Health and Physical Education

HPE is a compulsory subject for all students in Years 7 and 8. The primary focus for our Year 7 and 8 programs is on practical participation. The subject aims to provide a broad understanding of the movement principles involved with throwing, catching, kicking, hitting and swimming skills. The theory covers safe behaviour practices, the components of fitness and the benefits of exercise.

Year 9/10 Health and Physical Education

HPE offers students opportunities to develop knowledge, processes, skills and attitudes necessary for making informed decisions about the health of individuals and communities. It aims to develop concepts and skills for physical activity and enhancing personal development. Students are encouraged to act, individually or collectively, in ways which support their own and others' health and well-being.

Year 10 Tasters

The 'Tasters" allow students the opportunity to sample the three Senior HPE-based subjects for a semester - Physical Education, Health, and Certificate II in Sport and Recreation.

Year 11/12 Physical Education

In Physical Education, physical activity serves as both a source of content and data and the medium for learning. Learning is based in engagement in physical activity with students involved in closely integrated written, oral, physical and other learning experiences explored through the study of the selected physical activities - Touch, Volleyball, Athletics and Aquatics. Physical Education focuses on the complex interrelationships between psychological, biomechanical, physiological and sociological factors in these physical activities.

Year 11/12 Health Education

Health is a quality of life that is influenced by the interactions between individuals and their sociocultural, economic, political and physical environments. The personal qualities that individuals bring to these interactions are constantly changing in response to influences from the context in which they live and work. The focus of Health Education is the understanding of health in the context of society, and the mechanisms necessary to develop and promote health for indivuduals, groups, communities and nations. To achieve these goals, the Centenary Heights State High School Health curriculum considers contemporary health promotion theory and practice.

Year 11/12 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation

Certificate II in Sport and Recreation provides the opportunity for students to develop knowledge and skills to enhance their personal and work life. A variety of sports are covered over the two year course which assist students gain extremely valuable skills that are very relevant to many work situations.

Faculty Directory​

​Jonathan Andress ​Year 9 Core PE

Christina Bartlett     

Years 9 HPE​, Year 11 Health Education, Year 12 Cert II in Sport & Recreation
​Irene Chersini ​Year 9 Core PE
Frank Dowling Year 7 HPE, Year 10 HPE, Year 11 PE
​Luke Halley Year 11 Certificate II in Sport & Recreation
Hayley Harman ​Year 9 Core PE
​Sandy Hearnden ​Year 9 HPE, Year 10 Core PE, Year 12 PE
​Christine Hindmarsh ​Year 10 Core PE
Gerard Hobson​ Years 7 HPE, Year 9 Core PE, Year 10 HPE, Year 12 Cert II in Sport & Recreation
Matt Huth ​Year 10 Core PE
Christine Lodder ​Year 10 Core PE
Dan Machulka ​Year 9 Core PE
​Adam Marshall ​Year 8 HPE, Year 11 Sport and Recreation
​Libby Nairn ​Year 9 Core PE
Tim O'Connell​ ​Year 8 HPE, Year 10 Core PE
Jesse Osborn ​Year 12 Health Education
​Georgina Rackemann ​Year 7 HPE, Year 10 Core PE
​Matthew Russell ​Year 8 HPE, Year 9 Core PE
​Mary-Anne Searle-Tebbit ​Year 10 Core PE
​Kellie Sloss ​Year 10 Core PE
Brett Stefanowicz​ Year 7 HPE, ​​Year 8 HPE, Year 12 PE, Year 11 Cert II in Sport & Recreation
Peter Sykes ​Year 7 HPE, Year 8 HPE, Year 11 Health Education
​Emma Usher ​Year 7 HPE
​Alex van Dorsselaer ​Year 9 Core PE
​Karen Vorpagel ​Year 7 HPE, Year 8 HPE, Year 9 HPE, Year 11 Certificate II in Sport & Recreation
​Tim Winmill ​Year 9 Core PE