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Business Information Technology and Industrial Technology

Melissa Rohde-Bidgood, HOD, Business  Information Technology​​​​​​​​ and Industrial Technology​​​​​​​​​

About our curriculum direction
The Australian Curriculum has shaped a journey of rapid development of both junior and senior programs in all Business and Information Technology subjects. Opportunities for practical knowledge, understanding and skills for use, participation and work in and on a range of contexts across both faculties, have shaped both our current and future curriculum offerings. 
The business sector is estimated to employ over 2 million Australians and is growing at the rate of approximately 5% each year, and this brings exciting and challenging career opportunities to the business and information technology sectors across a range of broad business contexts and CHSHS aims to develop student capacity via our Business, Accounting and Information Technology offerings at both junior and senior levels.
As our society is changing so too does our Curriculum and 2018 is seeing current rewriting of our programs to align with developments of the Australian Curriculum and Queensland implementation of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) process.
Studies in Business and Information Technology provides foundation skills for not only general life skills and employment, but also skills useful in University and TAFE courses of study. We offer subjects for OP, Non OP, and Certificate courses.
On behalf of staff in Business and Information Technology faculties, we look forward to assisting your young person with their academic development, skills and experience.
Kindest regards
Melissa Rohde-Bidgood


Year 7 Digital Technology

Digital Technology is designed to build on computational concepts, skills and processes learned in primary school to create designed solutions. Students will use a range of technologies to communicate, generate and clarify ideas using various types of software, to identify sequences and steps involved in design tasks.

Year 9 & 10 Business Education

Builds on students' understanding of the world of business and the economy, exploring concepts of personal finance, investing and the global economy. Students also run a business venture in Year 10 as an amalgamation of their learned knowledge of how a business works in our local ecomony.

Year 9 & 10 Information Communication & Technologies

Builds on computational concepts, skills and processes learned in Year 7. Students develop more detailed management plans incorporating sequenced time, algorithms (programming) and design briefs. A variety of software is utilized.

Year 11 & 12 Business Management

Provides understanding of the continually changing demands of business and a deeper understanding of the role business managers perform in the strategic planning and oranization of a business in Australia. Provides contextual business information about all areas of business management - including human resources, financial, operations, corporate systems and marketing (including social media).

Year 11 & 12 Accounting

Provides background for tertiary studies in Accounting - foundation of Business and numerous other degrees. It provides an understanding of procedures and financial reports as well as background for wise investment opportunities.

Year 11 & 12 Certificate II in Information, Digital Media & Technology (VDM)

Emphasis is on still and animated graphics, construction of instructional manuals, video editing, web/video production including multimedia and animation, setup and repair of systems and theory. Students undertaking VDM will setup and repair computers, as well as manipulate and create internet graphics, multimedia web pages and websites construction. May lead to further tertiary studies in this area.


Faculty Directory


​Jonathan Andress

​7 & 9 Electronics, Robotics & Associated Technologies

9 Core Recreational Sport

10 Information & Communication Technologies

11 Information Processing & Technology

Rochelle Butlin 9 Business Education
​11 Business Management
​10 Geography
​10 Mathematics
​John Harman

​9 Information & Communication Technologies

12 Information Processing & Technology

​Aimee Lancaster

​7 Digital Technologies

9 Business Education

12 Accounting

7 & 9 Mathematics

​David McMillan

​7 Digital Technologies

7 Mathematics

​Julie Orton

​7 Digital Technologies

7 & 10 Mathematics

111 & 12 Mathematics A

​Melissa Rohde-Bidgood

​10 Business Education

12 Business Management

​Matthew Russell

​8 & 9 Mathematics

8 Health & Physical Education

9 Core Recreational Sport

11 Information & Communication Technology

​Leanne Ryan

​10 Mathematics

12 Information & Communication Technology

12 Certificate II in Information, Digital Media & Technology