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The school offers a curriculum which caters for the diverse needs, abilities and interests of students. Programs include a range of authority, non-authority and vocationally accredited subjects. For students in year 9 and 10 who are advanced in the area of Mathematics and Science, a special extension program is offered. In the senior school, the academic curriculum is extensive, while students who are vocationally oriented are able to access a range of study area specification subjects.

The campus includes a Special Education Program which addresses the needs of students with a range of disabilities. Students in the program are provided with the identified level of support and Individual Education Programs are implemented and monitored where appropriate.

The school's link to the Wilsonton Agricultural Field Study Centre ensures that students wishing to undertake agricultural subjects not available on our campus, are accommodated.

Through our accredited work programs, our school encourages a wide range of learning experiences which cater for the individual learning style of each student. Teachers are encouraged to present interesting, meaningful opportunities for students to learn, while students are encouraged to take some responsibility for their own development.

Year 7 & 8

Students study a core of four (4) subjects for the whole year: Mathematics, English, Social Science, and Science. Health & Physical Education and a language are studied for a semester. Students also have Pastoral Care and a lesson of sport weekly. Over the two year course students will also study eight (8) 'elective' subjects for one term: Arts Experience, Agricultural Science, Art, Electronics, Robotics and Associated Technologies, Home Economics, Industrial Technology & Design, Information Communication & Technology, and Music. A feature of the Year 7 & 8 Curriculum is that the core program is predominantly delivered by two teachers who work closely with their class throughout the year.

Year 9 & 10

Core subjects:

English, Mathematics, Science, Core Physical Education, and Social Science.


Choice of two (2) from: Agricultural Science, Art, Business Education, Drama, Electronics, Robotics & Association Technologies, German, Graphics, Health & Physical Education, Home Economics, Information Communication Technology, Mandarin Chinese, Maths/Science Enrichment, Media Studies, Music, Shop A (Woodwork), and Shop B (Metalwork). Support programs in Numeracy and Literacy are offered.

In semester 2 all Year 10  students select a new program of study where, for 6 months, they sample Senior subjects. This is called the Taster program.

Year 11 & 12

Subjects offered:

Accounting, Agricultural Science, Ancient History, Biology, Business Communication and Technologies, Business Management, Chemistry, Drama,  Engineering Skills, Engineering Technology, English, English Communication, Film, Television & New Media, Furnishing Skills, Geography, German, Graphics, Health Education, Home Economics, Information & Communications Technology,  Information Processing and Technology, Legal Studies, Mandarin Chinese, Mathematics A, B & C, Modern History, Music, Music Extension, Physical Education, Physics, Prevocational Maths, Study of Religion, Visual Art, Visual Arts in Practice.

Certificate courses offered include:

Certificate I Construction, Certificate I Hospitality, Certificate I Sport & Recreation, Certificate II Agriculture, Certificate II Business, Certificate II Hospitality, Certificate II in Information Digital Media & Technology, Certificate II Rural Operations, Certificate II Sampling and Measurement, Certificate II Sport and Recreation.

In addition to the formal curriculum, we offer students a rich range of learning experiences within the community. Participation in a wide range of excursions and competitions, support of charities, performance opportunities and sport form valuable partnerships within the community.